October 10, 2012

Hippeastrums, Tomatoes and Eggs

Well it is a strange title, but it all seemed to fit together for this post.

Like Hippeastums, sometimes things just look better grouped together.

The tomatoes and eggs have been bountiful.  For us, tomatoes now  are at their peak.  Before too long, it will be too hot.
 The eggs are plentiful, with a big variety in sizes.

Oh - and that strange looking one?
This has to be a first!  I’ve never seen one like this before, and I would say it’s a ‘oncer’.

Weird eh?!  4cm long.  It wasn’t from one of the bantams, so one of the other hens produced this little anomaly.  Looked so cute with the little feather stuck to it.

However, photographing it proved to be difficult without managing to make it look – well let’s face it – somehow obscene.

So I've tried to be a little creative, and I leave you with an egg circle to ponder upon.  Guiness Book of Records look out!
Cheers for now

Naturally Carol -  Yes I think everyone loves this time of year Carol – but maybe not how quickly it flies until Christmas season!!

Kimthe garden is very rewarding this time of year.  I’m guessing it’s still a bit cool where you are though Kim

ClaireGlad you like wisteria too Claire.  Both ours have actually nearly finished flowering for the moment.  So  I’m glad I took those photos when I did!  Our greens are still powering on though.

bonsaimumyes, I believe that would be a valid statement Bonsaimum! ...  (you must have heard my bones creaking!)

Mariathanks Maria - yes we do take the weather for granted a bit I guess.  I could swap when it gets hot though!  Not a fan of the really hot weather. 

librarygirl    thanks LG – nothing like a bit of garden envy!  Wisteria is fairly easy to contain, not too rampant – well in our experience at least.  Would look lovely in your garden I’m sure. 

muppy – No problems Muppy!  In return however, I’d like your cooking skills lol.

Coal Valley ViewYes I guess things would be still cool where you are Mel.  Swap you on one of our hot days though lol.  


Maria said...

Those eggs are impressive...so varied in size. It's certainly intriguing seeing that 'odd' one :-) Our tomatoes are producing well too.In your part of Qland, do you also have problems with the dreaded fruit fly??? In a month or two my 'big' varieties of tomatoes will be ruined by that pest :-(

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Wow that is the strangest egg I have ever seen.

Coal Valley View said...

I can't get over that egg! I have NEVER ever seen or heard of that happening!! Will be interesting to see if it happens again.