September 19, 2012

Ahhhh Coriander – how I do love thee

Let me count the ways.  No it's OK.... I'm not going all Shakespearean.

I am however, apt to plonk things in vases at a moments notice.  This was a first though -I just hadn’t thought of coriander that way before, even though we are well acquainted.
How pretty it is!  I just love the contrast.  Can't not mention nasturtium either, one of my other favourites.

Plus I pretty much just love coriander.  In salads, in just about anything.  Love the taste - and the smell.
I also love how it is self-seeding and I don’t even how to think about it.  I know it can get a but much at times, but it's easy enough to thin it out a bit.  

When this season's lot finishes, I might just fling the seeds along the edge of our front lawn.  A coriander hedge?  Well it would be pretty when it was in flower at least.
The dill is in flower at the moment too.  I might just give that a whirl too, and plate it up – in a vase.

Cheers for now

Thanks for all your Koala comments.  I guess the main thing is for the general public to become aware.  The caring is certainly there.  Spread the word.

Considering the fact that I'm totally stunned by the fact that my little blog has attracted almost 50 followers I'm thinking about a little giveaway to the 50th follower! 

If this should happen within the month of September, it will be Koala influenced, and yes open to overseas followers as well.  No I can't send a real koala - sorry. 
In response:

librarygirl  I agree, I don’t see how anyone couldn’t love them. 

**Anne** yes, we are lucky.  We spotted another one on the weekend, think it was a different one too, which is good.  

Maria   yes, it certainly is lovely to spot one when we do.  We have noticed a large drop in numbers though.  Great for the children to just accept as normal situation!  I wonder if the situation has changed in the last few years. 

Fiona from Arbordale Farm no, it does look grim unfortunately.  Do you get any where you are?
posie blogs Jennie McClelland – hi Posie, and thanks for becoming a follower!  I think you are the only one from OS who commented, so I’m really pleased that you knew about September being Koala month.   I wasn’t familiar with this book, but I asked Dr Google and found it.  It looks like a lot of fun!  Glad the proceeds for to Save the Koala. You are correct about the stopping of developments.  Wildlife corridors should be mandatory.  (love your blog btw, your work is gorgeous).

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue – oh really Kirsty?  That’s sad, I thought that Vic. was in a better situation.  I guess between the fires, droughts, dogs and human development it’s all bit of a bad mix.  They prob. could have coped with just the first two.
Naturally Carol – hi Carol, and thanks for becoming a follower too!  Totally agree with the green corridors.  Can’t understand why councils give in to land development so easily.  I could rant, but I have just read your blog and I feel so much calmer now. 


veggiegobbler said...

Well I am jealous! I have tried to grow coriander but never have any success. It bolts and never self seeds and I never get enough of it. Like you I looove coriander. It's the one herb I've been buying at the moment.

Maria said...

What a lovely arrangement! Have loved nasturtiums ever since I was a 'kid'; we would pick them, suck out the nectar and stuff the flowers in vases (or bottles). Such a cheerful looking flower. I don't know whether you saw a delightful article about koalas in the Sunday Mail last weekend. If you didn't, email me and I'll send you a scanned copy :-)

Sue Grier said...

My favourite herb coriander. Love it and yes mine has gone to flower. Looks so pretty

**Anne** said...

I like coriander in small quantities as I find the flavour is very strong. One of the most gorgeous herb flowers is sage. It's so pretty.
Anne xx

librarygirl said...

we love coriander but it doesn't self seed here: too cold I think!

Tania @ Out Back said...

My herbs are in flower at the moment too. Coriander has a very pretty flower and so does Rosemary :)


Claire said...

Oooh Coriander, love the stuff. Have grown it once but it doesn't like the warm weather and No. 1 doesn't like it in my cooking......tough hehe.....
Buying a bunch from the supermarket, is a waste as I use it a couple of times, forget about it and then it turns into a mushy green mass at the back of the fridge!!
Must have another go at growing some...

Claire :}