September 4, 2012

So ... you really wanted to see decluttering?

There has been a lot of this lately ....

No no not the dog!

She was in the front seat for only a small part of the trip (drop off to the vet for a blood test - all OK).
The rest of the car was reasonably full with Stuff.  Stuff that needed to go and probably should have gone a long time ago, but had been in the garage.

For Later.  For sorting out Later... or maybe for a garage sale.  Well, we had two of those, didn't sell much and still left with lots of Stuff.
I would like to draw your attention to the funny character in the boot.  A Pokemon figurine from son's bedroom when he was about umm 7?.  He is now 17.  Get my drift??  Stuff kept for way too long.

So I like to take these photos.  I can look back later and wonder just why we kept things for so long.  Plenty more where this Stuff came from too!
The trip to Canberra was fabulous.  Son and I had a trip that I will remember for quite some time and I hope that he does too.  The weather was suitably bleak and cold on Friday, however it was glorious and blue sky-ed on the ADFA Open Day on Saturday (dammit!).  It was very impressive and well organised.  My reverse psychology idea didn't work!!

He now has to really think about what he wants to do, and has several opportunities open to him.  Today he is sitting the first of  QCS tests as are many other Queensland students.  Then block exams next week.  The end of Year 12 is looming.  Time will tell.


Thanks for the lovely comments on last post, I have a slightly better attitude and understanding of all involved now.  Ultimately it is his choice, we just have to make sure that he is well informed, and I feel that was achieved.

Cheers for now 

**Anne** thanks - it was certainly better than I had hoped.
Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blueit was nicely cool thank you!  I was hoping that it had snowed though! 
Maria- it is difficult, but we just have to face these things full on I guess.  
Gooseberry Jam thanks Karen.  It does seem a long way, but I was surprised the direct flight was only an hour and a bit.  The flights via Sydney are nearly 3!  Yes, potatoes home grown and plenty more to come. Hope you are settling into new town.  Keep in touch!   
veggiegobbler - VG they grow up so jolly fast.  Like weeds!  Yes fresh potatoes are something else again in taste, totally different.  Try growing them in tyre piles if you are short of room.
Kim Thanks for your very settling words Kim.  I will refer back to you again if I need some strength if/when it does happen!


**Anne** said...

I'm glad to hear your trip to Canberra went well. A good opportunity for parents and son to become well informed.
Well done with decluttering. I don't know where to start in my home and just the though of organising a garage sale does my head in. I think the first step for me is to stop bringing anthing more into the home unless it's pretty and useful and WILL be used.
Have a good one,
Anne xx

Kim said...

Oh I am so glad you didn't get rid of the dog! I so need to do what you have done. We have a cellar in our house and rather than being a place for storing vegetables and pickles, it has become a place to put the things we don't want to throw away. YOu have inspired me to go down there and do something about it .

librarygirl said...

Oh well done on the car full of give aways.
re the year 12s and their career choices - it is SO hard to not stamp on their dreams when you have reservations isn't it? I'm sure it will all evolve the way it's meant to... ( that sound airy fairy but I think you know what I mean).

Claire said...

Glad the trip went well Wendy and it's always better to see things for yourself rather than be left wondering.....

Well done on getting rid of the excesses in your life, but I was wondering about that lovely little, cane shelf. I can just imagine a coat of paint over it and hanging it somewhere to hold some treasures!!
I'm sure Pokemon will find a new home with some little boy. You know what they say about one man's trash 'n all that.

CLaire :}

Samantha said...

Wendy, thank you for the lovely message you left for me. I am on the mend now, I am very gald to say!
Sam xx

muppy said...

think i need to do some of that decluttering too, mainly toys - way too many!
hope all is well in regards to son.

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

just crazy how we hold onto stuff, I'm a shocker for it. I'm just about to get rid of a heap of magazines, that take up sooo much room and I know I never will read them again, even if they had great facts or recipes. That car full looks inspiring.

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I don't think it matters what side of the Earth you live on. Most peoples garages are a mess. Great start on yours!