August 23, 2012

Potatoes and Cream

or should that be cream and potatoes.  Anyway this is just a little distraction for me at the moment.

Trying to think happy thoughts instead of what is really on my mind.

................flying to Canberra at 6.00am tomorrow morning!

Our dear son (DS) our one and only child is in the process of applying to study at Australian Defence Force Academy next year - which will lead onto a career in the Army.
Thinking calm and happy thoughts .Deep breath. Sigh.
However, we felt that he needed to see things first hand and this was the ideal opportunity. To make up his own mind when he is ready.

It's a bit of an expensive exercise, all done last minute of course - but well worth if it helps with his decision (so Canberra, bring it on - your bestest bleakest bleak cold day ever)!!  It just might be a bit too much for a sunshine coast, beach loving boy~

cheers for now

Claire  Don't worry - summer will be here before we know it!
Maria  I think your garden looks pretty bountiful too Maria.
**Anne**  Must be nice to get out in the garden after all your jetting about!


**Anne** said...

Oh dear...I can only imagine how you are feeling about all this army stuff. I hope tomorrow is a good for you whatever the eventual outcome.
Anne xx

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

I think Canberra is pretty reliable for bleak. Eek the army, it would be hard to feel OK about it for any parent, I hope it all works out whatever he decides.

Maria said...

DH's 'baby' Miss 26, has applied to join the police force...and DH is quite worried/concerned/upset; but in these situations, we parents put on a brave face and support them in their endeavours. Good idea to check out Canberra, but the Lake hasn't any waves for surfing :-(

Gooseberry Jam said...

I don't know how I would feel if my son wanted to join the army! and so far away from home.... Thoughts are with you Wendy, the right decisions will be made. Make sure you take some time to enjoy the sights while your in Canberra!
Now did you grow those potatoes, mighty impressive! :)
All the best
Karen xo

veggiegobbler said...

Good potatoes!
Thoughts with you about your son. I'm so busy worrying about mine and they're still young - I can't imagine how much you have to worry when they grow up and make their own decisions - especially decisions you think are wrong!

Kim said...

I know how you will worry, I worry when my kids go on camp, let alone the army. But coming from a home like yours, I know that he will make you proud and that little bit of peace you carry around your home may now be in the army as well thanks to your son.I think it is wonderful that even though this is a decision you feel hesitant about, you are allowing your child to follow his dreams and support him that journey.
Your potatoes are awesome!!!