August 20, 2012

Monday veggie garden tally

Pretty average photos, but happy with the produce roll call - carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes and some small sweet potatoes and beetroot.

Things to look forward to include broccoli, cauliflower and corn.  Ongoing are more tomatoes, carrots, silverbeet, kale and lettuce.


cheers for now

I'm obviously a simple cook -your cooking is so adventurous!  Wonder what the secret to the cafe porridge is?


Claire said...

Looking good Duchess......
Home grown veg is the best, feels good and tastes good......cant' beat them.
I hope to have our vegie garden producing more for us this coming Summer. Always inspirational seeing what others are growing...

CLaire :}

Maria said...

What a lovely productive vegie garden you have Wendy!

**Anne** said...

Those veges look so delicious. Roll on spring/summer so I can attempt to have at least fresh home grown lettuce to eat.
Anne xx