July 18, 2012

We Like Our Fireplace

Being in Queensland, it doesn't really get a lot of use.

However, just for a few months, it's an integral part of our home.

A bit rustic, it seems to fit in well.  We have been here 21 years (how did that happen) and the fire was here
when we bought the house.
(oops the chimney looks a bit wonky - sorry, must be my great photography in action!)

Not sure how long it was here before.  It's a fair age anyhow.

Over the years we have installed a new chimney, but that's all.

I think it will be here for a few years to come.

Do you have a fireplace where you are?

cheers for now


**Anne** said...

Yes we have a fire place but we only light it a couple of times a year as we have central heating. It's lovely to sit around when we do though, all cosy and warm.
Anne xx

Kim said...

We love our fire place and it does get cold here in the Hunter Valley. I must say though, yours is the cutest little fireplace and I love how you managed to fit a kettle on top of it.They really a special place for family to gather ...much better than a tv screen.

duchess_declutter said...

Hi Anne, I can imagine you would need central heating - but yes there is just something about sitting around a fireplace isn't there?

Hello KIm - it would get freezing in the Hunter Valley I think! Our fireplace is a bit different, and those photos I took last night don't really show it very well. It is like a 44 gallon drum. I don't think it would work in every house, but ours is quite rustic as you can see.

veggiegobbler said...

I would love a fireplace like that. But I can't complain. We have a fireplace in our lounge that is very old - one of those small ones I think designed for coal. But it works for us at night over winter.

Maria said...

No fireplace here in Brisbane; occasionally turn the oil-filled heater on but not often. I love the beautiful timber in your ceiling!

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

Fire place chewing through wood at vast rates in our chilly home. I love the look of yours.