July 16, 2012

A few violet things ... and a Winner

I’m linking up again with Sister Sun and her colour inspired theme - but I have to admit to feeling like a bit of an imposter this week as I really don’t have many violet or purple shots.  Her photos are stunning and I'd encourage you to hop on over and have a look.
 Actually I was surprised that I had this (Iris?) but a couple have just come up amongst some bulb plantings that we bought when on a visit to the (much cooler) Armidale region recently.
The other little blooms are actually a weed called shamrock (I think, once again) but they have the sweetest little flower.  More towards pink I guess, but still in the violet range.
  A violet candle.  The top looks a bit ugly so I only included the pretty pattern.
   In other totally unrelated news ....
Some pea and ham soup bubbling away in the slow cooker.  This will be on the menu tomorrow.  I like to let it sit overnight before reheating.  More flavour.
My latest knitting project. .. and by latest I mean it has been on the needles a long time.  Refer this post entitled 'why this will never turn into a knitting blog'! and yes, it has been pulled out and re-knitted a few times.

Yes it is the same project – a button up vest for husband.  However, at least I am on the back section now having finished the two front pieces.  I am a very slow knitter I think.  I told him to expect it by winter 2013, that way if it finalises any earlier it will be a nice surprise!

This is my favourite knitting and also reading spot.  My red chair as featured in another post.   I'm thinking too of doing another Objects of My Affection post, as there are still plenty of things that I'm enjoying having around me - despite a fair bit of decluttering going on recently!
Now - Announcing the Winner of my Giveaway and with apologies for the delay.   I’m not sure how to draw a name any other way,  so I stuck to the basics.

Put the names all in together, shake it around a bit and draw out one name ...

Congratulations to Tania!  And thanks to others who entered.  Tania I have sent you an email.  Hope you enjoy the wool - and that maybe you are a faster knitter than me!

Cheers for now


**Anne** said...

I do like that purple Iris and am eagerly waiting for mine to bloom. I'm a slow knitter too. I much prefer to crochet but I suppose one day I'm going to have to finish the cardigan I started knitting three years ago. We can't rush these things.
Anne xx

Tania @ Out Back said...

Oh how exciting, I am a winner, thank you Wendy :)

Purple is a colour I dont have much of either. Your iris is beautiful and so are the cute little shamrocks...


veggiegobbler said...

Purple is my favorite colour. I have irises too but they're not out yet. Good luck with the vest - maybe he'll get to wear it before it gets warm this year ;)

Tanya said...

Iris is one of my favourites. I love purple too. It's been really fun getting to see other blogs and their colour parades.