July 24, 2012

The Last of the Winter Vine

We have a rather spectacular monolith in our yard.
Looming up iinto the winter sky – looks its best against a vibrant blue Queensland winter day.
The spectacular orange is the Orange Trumpet Vine not an unusual vine at all in this neck of the woods..    It is the vine that is beautiful, not so much the tree that it covers.
It always seems to bloom just in time for our sons birthday in June (which as always been nice when we have a party or get together here)  and peaks about July.
For a number of years we have all said ‘that tree just has to go’.  The tree is a gum and way too close to the house.  The tree has been pruned back a number of times and now of course doesn’t grow too well,
So while the winter view is spectacular, the rest of the year it’s a bit ho-hum - the snubbed branches and minimal leaf growth not very inspiring.  
It is way too close to the house.  Too close to the drains, the roof, the verandah.

One year that tree just has to go.  Maybe next year.  The last of the winter vine.

Cheers for now

Waving hi to new follower Karen... Hi!.


Maria said...

Your trumpet vine is magnificent Wendy! Every year when I see them blooming in the neighbourhood (usually draped over fences) I say to DH, 'we must plant one of those'...been saying it for 10 years but still haven't got one...slack eh?

**Anne** said...

The colour of the vine is spectacular. Nice to see such a bright colour when it's cold.
Anne xx

Cindy Lane said...

Fabulous colour!

I forget how rampant plants grow in QLD. We lived in FNQ and I swear you put a broom handle in the ground and it would sprout - especially during wet season!

Maria said...

Wendy when I took the photo of the trumpet vine over the brick wall of the racecourse here in Bris for my blog post, I thought to myself...now someone had a photo of a magnificent specimum on her blog...but for the life of me I couldn't remember who...one of those 'senior's moments' lol Thank you for the comments you left. That wall runs for over a hundred metres and it's all trumpet vine!

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

we have an old wattle that is on deaths door, for the last 5 years we say. We'll let it flower one last time. Must be a magnificent display!