June 20, 2012


Linking in with Evi at Sister Sun with her colour theme.  This week it is yellow.
Yellow doesn’t seem to be my favourite colour.  I thought that I wouldn't have many photos taken in this theme.

However, looking through some older ones, I found these -
 This is our pedal boat in the dam. We have had lots of fun with this, although it has sunk a couple of times!
 taken at Roma Street Parkland some time ago

....and just having a walk around the yard I found these -
The toy belongs to Dexter (the dog).  One ear is noticably missing, but the rest intact.  Surprisingly he has had this since he himself was a puppy!

Evi's post is lovely – uplifting and bright - hop over and have a look.

Cheers for now


Maria said...

A lovely lot of 'yellowness' there Wendy!I used to have a casserole just like the one pictured. I think I jettisoned it in the last house move.
I smiled when I read your profile where you write about de-cluttering. I'm hopeless...as fast as one lot goes out, another lot comes in! lol

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

love your sunshiny pyrex

Fairyluver said...

Great yellow pictures my favorite is your sunflower picture...ohh how I love sunflowers!!!

librarygirl said...

Love the yellow! everything is grey and wet here today!

Kim said...

A good day for yellow with all these clouds about here. I love your paddle boat ...I bet we wouldn't have seen that unless you were looking for something yellow!

Evi said...

I've been a bit tardy this week with popping over to peek at all the yellow posts that all you lovely peeps have joined in with........ but I have an excuse!! Thanks for joining in and sharing pics - I have oval sunflower dish envy now!!! It's such a nice shape and oh so cheery!
Hope to see you next week for green!

muppy said...

SO sweet, lots of lovely yellow :) makes me wonder how much yellow i could find!

Bruise Mouse said...

What is it with yellow? It always makes me feel fantastic. I love it. Even a wilting sunflower brings a smile to my face. Gorgeous.