June 17, 2012

Mandarin-mad dog!

 Or should that be mandarin mad-dog!

Our normally sweet, but ever so slightly silly dog Angel loves this time of year.

 She loves her mandarins. 

She has weird tastes - which include mandarins.  She also enjoys bananas and tomatoes.

(Please excuse my terrible recording skills, but this is a first for me with new camera!  Hopefully you will be able to view the clip).


cheers for now


Kim said...

Our dog loves fruit too...I thought she was the only one!

Gooseberry Jam said...

Oh cutie, does she eat the skin too? Have never seen a dog eat citrus, my chooks don't even go for it! :)

Tracey said...

Ha ha!
We have a tiny little apple tree that is trying it's hardest to survive (with no help from me I'm afraid) and it got tiny little apples on it (about 5), which we discovered our dog pulling off and eating! Who'd have thought?

duchess_declutter said...

Hello Kim - it must be more common than I thought! Must be the lifestyle.

Hi there Karen - no the chooks don't eat ours either. We end up composting all the skins leftover from juice. Luckily she doesn't eat the skin otherwise she would be picking them off the trees like Tracey's dog does with apples!

Hi Tracey - now that would be cute to see! I would be worried if Angel picked up on that idea. She definitely prefers hers peeled first.