June 15, 2012

Orange ..... and a Blue Giveaway!

SO .... continuing along with the colour scheme idea.....
As I was walking around the yard with my new camera having a bit of a play (it’s not over the top, but seems to suit me it’s a Fuji Finepix S3300) - it appears that we have plenty of Orange.
 Particularly at this time of year.

Linking with Evi at Sister Sun and her colour posts  Thanks Evi for helping me appreciate the colours around me!
If you've spotted something not orange along the way - it is my Giveaway!  I resisted posting this yesterday as the blue just did not go with State of Origin Queenslander theme!  However, today is another day (you were right Muppy)!
I have 3 skeins of wool to give away.  One is multi coloured, hand dyed and hand spun.  The other two are pure new wool, navy triple ply.  Each about 100g in weight.    They have been in my wool stash for way too long – time for someone to be creative!

It is lovely wool, and destined to be turned into something wonderful I'm sure.

I'll leave the giveaway open until 15 July - as I have been so slow in getting it off the ground.  The winner will be chosen randomly.

Just leave a comment on this post to be included in the draw.

Cheers for now 


Tania @ Out Back said...

How's that? Orange and blue, my two most favourite colours :)

I would love to be in the draw. Especially grateful that I can now comment again after finally figuring out a way :)

duchess_declutter said...

Hi Tania - nice to hear from you. sorry that you have been having probs with commenting. Is it just my blog? I haven't changed anything and I don't have the 'moderate' on. Wonder what it is?
Anyhow - count yourself in the draw. Looks like you have pretty good odds so far! cheers Wendy

Evi said...

Hey Wendy, great to have you along for our 'colorful' ride! Your orange pics are very luscious - did you grow the mandarins?
I'm going to have to lengthen Tanya's odds and say that I'd love to be in the draw too! And if you join in again with the next colour, yellow, I'm sure there'll be some more peeps that would love a chance at owning that bundle of blue goodness!
Thanks for joining in on the fun!

Noelle the dreamer said...

Blue! My favourite colour!
Wendy, I would love to be included in the draw! Much obliged and glad I stopped by your blog (the little teacup drawing drew me!)

Maria said...

Wendy, I would also like to be in the draw. Those yarns look so nice and cosy :-)

mamashara said...

I love all the oranges, It is one of my favourite colours! I would love to be in the draw for the wool!! All that blue - I love it :) BTW: I love finding fellow bloggers who are also Queenslanders :)

Angela said...

Beautiful blue wool. Please include me in , if you are counting overseas bloggers. [I shall understand if you aren't]

Many blessings, Blogging Friend

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

I cannot believe I missed this post. What a lovely lot of orange you have around you. I would love to be in your give away, the wool looks lovely.

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

what an incredibly special gift, beautiful hues of blue. loving all your cheery citrus too.