June 13, 2012

Maroon inspired

I started taking some photos this morning with my new camera.  Yes I bit the bullet and bought myself a bargain.  Good time of year for that isn’t it?!

As I walked around the yard
 I realised that I was picking up on a theme.

 A maroon inspired theme.

  with a little bit of artistic licence in calling some photos 'maroon'.

All this may or may not have something to do with a certain game of Rugby League this evening!
 Yes!  It’s the second of the series tonight.  The first game won by Qld.  
 (Sons' car which happily co-incidentally is maroon.  The L plate will soon be replaced when he goes for his driving test in 2 weeks ....eeeek!)

I was amazed by how much maroon we have around our place!  The three of us are keen on football, but not fanatical.

Maybe maroon is just a good colour.  Go Queensland!

I’m having a giveaway soon.  Details will be on next post (I may have said that last time, but the colours just did not go with this post)!  The closing date will be extended as I have been so slow blogging lately.  Hopefully the new camera will bring more inspiration.

Cheers for now


delia hornbook said...

maroon and reds are so lovely and warm. Have fun with your camera, dee x

muppy said...

what a great idea to theme your photos a colour! but it seems you chose the wrong colour - may have to do a blue post?!