June 1, 2012

107th Post - and a hint of a Giveaway

I had fine intentions of taking some photos around the yard this morning and to create an updated post.  Not to be.  So.  This is what happened:

Camera A appears to be on the way out - the memory card slot is not co-operating and won't hold the memory card.

Camera B had a flat battery.  One of those ones which needs to be put into a plug-in charger. ... which I couldn't find.

Option C was to take some photos on mobile phone.  However, as my mobile is of the 'so cheap and nasty that it doesn't even take photos' variety - after a bit of trawling through the office  I found one of my son's cast-aside mobiles - with a charger!  Yayyyy.  However, once charged it had a code lock on it which I could'nt unscrabble.  Even a text (on other phone) to my son didn't help, as he couldn't remember it.  Arrrggghh!

Option D is what we are stuck with.  Old photos dragged up from this time last year - just a few snapshots around the place in this best time of the year.  Lots of citrus, bananas and happy chooks.  Unfortunately, I have spotted a baby carpet snake too which is a bit ominous, especially as I have some new baby bantams.

Updated photos will happen, maybe not overnight, but they will happen.  We are away for a long weekend - off to the lovely, cool Mt Tamborine.  When we return, I will be buying a new camera!!

So although these are old photos, things are pretty much like this at the moment.


I will also be offering a Giveaway in the next post.  I cannot believe that I am at my 107th post.  Thanks so much to all who read and follow my humble little blog.  To thank you, the Giveaway will be open to all Followers (including international) so please become a Follower if you are not one already.  It will be open until 20 June 2012.  I feel the need for a bit of inspiration in my blog, so surely more followers will get me motivated!  That - and a new camera.

cheers for now


muppy said...

oh dear one of those days but glad to see it didn't deter you, very nice photos :)

Gooseberry Jam said...

Hope you enjoyed your weekend in my backyard Wendy, It's such a beautiful place isn't it, we live just at the base.
Love the picture of those Mandarins in your vase, brings back wonderful memories of last year. I was hoping Hazel would be doing her Winter Wednesday theme again this year but she seems to have slowed down on her blogging. Perhaps you could Host a Winter Wednesday Wendy, that could be some good inspiration for your blog. Just a thought! :)
I do hope you manage to get yourself a new camera soon, I've always enjoyed your snapshots. xo

duchess_declutter said...

Hi Muppy - thanks for your comment. I hope to have more photos soon!

GJ - next time I'll give you a wave as we go past! Great weekend, nice mist & rain. Good idea about the Winter Wed. - might take that on now that I have a new camera!! Those mandarins seem to photograph well don't they - I have you to thank for the inspiration.