May 17, 2012

Note to self

I have not posted for too long a time = I am a slack blogger.  However, although the blog has been neglected, it was never forgotten.  Just a break in transmission ... again.
Hello again everyone!  Hope you are all well on this beautiful autumn morning – blue skies and 11 deg.C here.  I have still been following a lot of blogs and getting inspiration from all.  However, the realization that it had been some time since I blogged hit when I noticed on my morning stroll to feed the hens that the coffee trees were ripening.
Does anyone recall this post about coffee trees from August last year?  Well time has moved almost full circle and the coffee beans are just starting to ripen again.  I apologise that I don’t have a current photo.  I’ll try for one tomorrow – having camera problems today (which I hope to rectify soon). This photo is from last year.

The beans do look lovely and once again I’m inspired to do something with them.  Actually there might be a lot more activity around the place soon.  This is the time of year when I feel like I come out of ‘hibernation’ though in my case it is summer hibernation.  I only really feel like doing things once the temperature starts to drop a little.  Anyone else like that I wonder?

I do wonder (quite often) why we are still living in hot tropical SE Qld and often dream of cooler climes.  However, it seems that I am the only one in our little family who feels this way, so I’m always outvoted!!  I know I shouldn’t complain as we don’t do too badly really in terms of a temperate climate.

Changes will possibly happen in the next few years though as husband creeps slowly closer to thinking about retiring, and son finishing school (this year cripes!).  We will maybe travel or do something different.

However, in the meantime, a rundown of what has been happening.......

I guess the most relevant is that I have just resigned my job.  Regular readers may remember that I was offered a job on an ongoing basis, out of the blue, from an employer who I worked for some years back.  It was a wonderful, most generous offer, which I really appreciated. 

However, it was not without drawbacks.  The major one being a 2hr commute each way which found me leaving home @ 6.45am and returning 6.45pm.  The second drawback was a rather toxic person who I had to work with directly. Won’t go into details, but suffice to say that in my (fairly lengthy) career, she would be a standout.  Not good to be around at all.

So I have to finalise things next week with handover to the next poor sucker person to take over my role.  Life is too short!  I don’t have time to deal with negativity.  Onwards and upwards I think – and hopefully something else will present itself.  I’m looking forward with positivity anyhow.  The job certainly served its purpose, we caught up with more than a few outstanding $$ issues, and I now a more updated resume.

On the home front, the produce is starting to come into full swing.  Hope to have some photos for show and tell.  We have some lovely bananas coming along, citrus orchard looking good and some pumpkins harvested.  The winter veggie garden is in progress too.

So I’m feeling very happy and positive about things on this lovely blue-skied day.  Thanks for keeping up with me along the way.  Thanks too to some new followers – amazing.  I’m thrilled to have a few more, the more the better – it might get me blogging more often!!

PS _ having an almost 17 year is scary great isn’t it?  Son is now being driven to school by other various friends who already have their licence,  He goes for his test in early July.  Had to smile though - tonight we have to collect him from the movies..... ‘but it’s  NOT a date Mum!’.  I think I can remember saying almost the same thing, back in the day.
Did anyone notice that I managed to get through the post 
without mentioning decluttering (or lack thereof)!

Cheers for now


Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Nice to see you back Wendy, and I understand your chucking in the job. I used to do the same commute and that alone for a year was enough let alone a negative co worker.

duchess_declutter said...

Thanks Fiona. It's nice to hear that voiced - luckily I have a supportive team here too. I'm so not looking forward to next week, but very much looking forward to the week after!

Kim said...

Glad you are back, Wendy! Oh I so get having to go to work to make your paradise at home! It does get your on your feet though and makes life easier later. It is hard working with someone that affects you badly , a good decision to walk away- you are probably glad to be at home again taking photos and blogging!
I am sitting at home with three fires going and wearing a beanie are soooooo bad complaining about Queensland!I guess the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence-but you have bananas and coffee on your side.