April 5, 2012

A rose and a (very) minor personal challenge

I'm hoping that a few gratuitous rose photos might distract from the distinct lack of decluttering going on here lately.

Roses are my all time favourite flower and I have quite a few around the yard.  Unfortunately they don't do too well in the hot humid weather, and would probably prefer to live somewhere a bit cooler (which would suit me too!).

Having said that though, occasionally when I pick the odd bloom or two I get the warm fuzzies and start taking photos.

This rose would have to be one of my all time favourites.  Don't know the name of it, all labels seem to come off and I lose track.

However, it is a lovely old fashioned scrambling variety, and I just love the colour.  In fact I prefer pastel shades in roses and don't really plant the brighter variations of red or orange.  What are your favourites in a rose I wonder?

All this is a distraction from the real task of some good 'spring' cleaning which will be happening over the Easter break.  We are staying at home, interspersed with a few visits from family and friends.  A nice break I hope.
Clutter:  This is a good example of it.  Unfortunately, the cupboard still looks the same, but I am aiming to be able to proudly show a new photo of it in the next post.  That's my personal challenge.  Here's hoping!

Have a safe and Happy Easter break.

PS: Gooseberry Jam if you read this - I'm sending a cyber bouquet to you on the safe arrival of your gorgeous baby girl :)

cheers for now


Gooseberry Jam said...

Ohh! Thank you Wendy, I got your message loud and clear! Something drew me to your Blog today, Wow! The power of Positive Energy!! Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you, you are so very thoughtful, Laura will love them as well.
Even though I tend to use more vibrant colours for decorating I do love pastel colour roses the best, they are pretty, romantic, old world...
Thank you again so much, enjoy your Easter and try not to do to much decluttering! The weather is far too nice outside at the moment to be stuck inside with your head in a cupboard.

with love
Karen X

Claire said...

Hey Wendy.....gorgeous Roses. I love pinks and pastel coloured roses.
I picked a bunch of Camp David roses yesterday. Long stemmed, deep red and highly perfumed absolutely gorgeous.......

I think my favourite variety would have to be David Austins' Abraham Darby and Lady of Megginch.........but overall I can appreciate the beauty in each and everyone of them.

Enjoy your Easter and don't forget to take time out from decluttering and smell the roses.....

Claire :}

**Anne** said...

Your rose is gorgeous, that pink is so lovely. My favourite is Peace. I love the yellow tinged with pink and the perfume is wonderful. Good luck with your spring (autumn) cleaning.
Anne xx

saving for travel said...

Oh, I don't mind a bit of rose distraction! LOL!

We have some lovely roses at our cottage.

My favourites are the one that climbs up the front of the cottage, we can see it's flowers from our bed.
And the rose that climbs over our arch.

Sft x

Kim said...

Yep I was distracted by your beautiful roses...not once did I think'she should be decluttering!!' But you did remind me that I have a pantry that really does need a cleanout and I have been putting it off too! Old fashioned roses are just so lovely, I often think of them as a step back to another time.

muppy said...

my daughter loooooves pink roses :)

cathy@home said...

I think I would be distracted by those flowers ,but it doesn't take much to distract me from house work;).

Reva said...

You had me at the title! A new follower for sure! Maybe we can help each other de-clutter! The hubs is gonna call the tv show "Hoarders" if I don't stop thrifting ;)