March 26, 2012

Objects of my Affection - revisited

Lately I've been thinking that since I started this blog I have been looking very judgementally  (and rightly so) around the house for things that I can declutter.  All a bit negative.

As a bit of light relief, the purpose of these posts is to appreciate the things that I do enjoy having around me.  Not because of $$ value, but just because they are special to me for whatever reason.

Please feel free to join in.

This is a medium sized electric clock which used to sit on my parent's bedside table.  I think it would be from about 1960's at a guess, maybe earlier.

It is reliable (depending on power supply!) and quiet.  It is dignified and hold many memories for me.  Another object of my affection.

cheers for now - Wendy


Daffodil said...

I love your objects of affection. You can´t be decluttering all of the would end up with a very minimalist style. Also, some aspects of clutter are a little piece of who we are.

Nice clock, by the way!

saving for travel said...

What a beautiful clock!

Decluttering is like housework always needs doing.

Sft x

Judith said...

It's lovely Wendy. Does it chime?

duchess_declutter said...

Daff - there's no way I'd end up with a minimalist style - though I do admire those who do. I've just got too much stuff!
SFT - I have to agree with that comment.
Judith - no bells & whistles. It's very quiet actually.

muppy said...

thats a very sweet idea, your right we need to appreciate what we have and love.