March 1, 2012

Feathered friend of a different variety

Isn't she pretty?  Our new(ish) addition to the family.  She wandered in (must have heard about the good conditions here) and settled in quite nicely thanks very much.

I've heard that peacocks are wanderers and have asked about the place and advertised, but no one seems to have missed her.

She looks funny out grazing with the other hens!  She seems to be quite fond of our little bantam rooster too ... hmm.  She has already gone broody and sat on some eggs for a few weeks - to no avail!  They are large eggs about the size of large duck eggs.

I've heard too that they are quite noisy, but that is probably the male - as usual.  She does have a funny call, but we aren't too close to neighbours, so they don't seem to mind.  For me, it is a bit of an alarm clock - right when I should be waking at 5am.

cheers for now

thanks for all the comments - good to know there's someone out there!


Meeka said...

She is sooo gorgeous. How lucky are you that she chose your place. Love the birdie pics, wish I could have a peahen in the suburbs!

duchess_declutter said...

Hi Meeka -thanks for jumping in with a comment! Yes, we are happy to have her here and she seems quite settled. (love your profile pic btw)

**Anne** said...

Your peahen is lovely and looks very much at home with your chooks. I love it when animals mingle like that. I also like the last photo, all those fluffy/feathery bottoms.
Anne xx

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Very envious righ now. Someone way up the road from us has both males and femails and yep some one makes some noise but they are still lovely and i would have them but Hubby says no.

delia hornbook said...

aahhh how wonderful must be lovely seeing her every morning ;-)) Enjoy and i hope she stays around. dee x

cathy@home said...

We have a few here and its great in the summer so much noise feel like I am in a jungle.

Kim said...

Our peacock that turned up , ended up belong to the lady down the road. Apparently the males wander, not the females so much. She has mirrors , and that keeps them there because they think it is another peacock( they are not very smart).
We enjoyed having ours so much that the lady down the road is going to give us two for the farmstay.

muppy said...

How exciting, what a beautiful surprise to arrive :) I hope she stays forever!