November 26, 2011

Have been seeing a lot of trains lately

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Not looking quite like this one, and definitely not quite the same scenery, but you get the picture.  Lots and lots of train miles covered.  I wonder if there is a Frequent Traveller scheme. ... I should see how many bonus points I'm up to!
I'm sure that there are lots of fellow commuters out there who travel similar distances.  However, it never fails to amuse me when I tell friends who don't know that I'm back working, exactly where I commute to.  The look is priceless.  You commute to W H E R E?? !

Of course, working does have its benefits.  Although always at the back of my mind, the thrill came back when it happened.  I was paid!!  Yayyyyy.  Payday is only once a month, so I'll have to wait a little while till the next one..... but still, it was an exciting moment when I saw all those $$ landed in my account which had been looking very bare.

The job itself isn't perfect, and not what I'd really like to be doing long term.  Particularly not commmuting for 2 hours each way!  However, I'm still really grateful for the opportunity and I know that it's really going to help me get back into an area more suited to my skills.

I'm also reading a lot of books... sometimes one a day.  I have noticed my reading standards have lowered a little, and I am now into paperbacks from the library.  Heading towards the more lightweight (literally and figuratively) style of literature.  Not trashy romances, but I've found that I do quite enjoy YA (young adult) books.  They suit a quick read and some surprisingly good.  I like ones with a touch  of the paranormal, but not too heavy.  Then at home, I have my stack of  'heavier' reading.  

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The animals (and the family) and are all surprisingly OK and surviving.  Now that school holidays are upon us, son is looking forward to chilling out at home I think.  Lots planned, and we just have to work around it.

Thanks to all who have read thus far..... if you're still out there!  I have been reading and commenting on some blogs, but this is the first post on mine in a while. I haven't have time to sort out our computer probs, so we are still struggling on via the aged laptop.

Cheers for now 


**Anne** said...

I thought you must have been back at work as it has been very quiet in your neck of the woods. I hope it goes well and helps you get into the work really want to do.
Take care and have a relaxing weekend,
Anne xx

Nelly said...

Wow what a trip to work and back.I do think you need something else to read tho lol How about Cross stitch by Dianna Gabaldon I bet that series wil keep you very occupied for many hours.I bet you will find it hard to put down too lol

Judith said...

Maybe you could ask Father Christmas for E- book reader. Then you've got lots of choice. :)

duchess_declutter said...

Anne - yes I know I've not been around much. I don't have as much time, but also the laptop doesn't have a photo card slot, so can't upload any of our photos which puts me off a bit. I will try and post more often though!

Nelly - I've read the whole series! lol... and that was in the past, not in the last month.

Judith - The main reason I am going for different 'lighter' styles is because they are not so heavy to lug around. I already have a packed lunch and esky (jokes). So maybe I could handle something different like an e-reader though I hadn't really considered one before. I like the feel of paper too much!

saving for travel said...

Thanks for the catch up!

Glad you're reading lots.

Sft x

Kim said...

Enjoyed your catching up post... I was wondering how you were going with those 2 hrs either way. I am working too at the moment and really enjoying using my brain for other stuff , but my vege garden is like a wilderness after all this rain.

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Oh how I do not miss those days. I used to commute Kilcoy to Brisbane daily and after 12 months it was too much so I took a paycut and a more junior role and went to work from home for the same company. I get motion sickness and cannot read so perhaps if I could it would have been better. You could get a second job as a book reviewer.

duchess_declutter said...

Hi Kim - hope your veggie garden is thriving despite your absence. Wilderness gardens are good too!
Fiona - I've tried to comment on your blog a couple of times, but blogger wouldn't play for some reason... will try again.
Commuting - oh the joys.