October 30, 2011

Still Around!

Thanks so much for the comments on the last post.  I'm still here, still around and still able to comment on other blogs - just not too much activity on this one.  We are limping along, hooked up to the old laptop which has limited abilities. ... which unfortunately includes not having a photo card slot?!?

So until such time as as old/new computer is up and running, readers will have to put up with the limited old  photos that were stored on the laptop.  All very basic I'm afraid!

This is Dexter aged about one year old I would say.  The double chinned wonder holding him is now incredibly tall, lean and handsome (you just have to take my word for it).  He would never be seen in a shirt like this, that's for sure.

I'd like to thank whatever lucky star was shining on me the day I approached my old boss to let him know that I was looking for work and to let him know that I needed him as a referee.  He emailed back to say that he might be able to offer some part time work.

Not really the exact work I've done before, but hey who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks.   Nothing like being thrown in the deep end and pretending you know what you are doing!!

So I'm incredibly thankful for this opportunity and will just wait and see how it pans out.  The downside is that it is a 1.5hr commute each way (!?!?) but I'll be catching the train and catching up on my reading as well.  This situation may or may not work out, but at least it is throwing me back into the current workforce which will look a lot better on my CV.

Chooks, dogs and to a certain extent, family willl have to struggle on the best they can. It may be a wake up call for certain members of the family (not mentioning any names of course).
We have a new addition to the chook yard in the form of a peacock.  Well peahen I think.  It just turned up one day and has made itself at home.  It nests high in the trees at night.  Does anyone have any experience with them?  Would it just be looking for company and/or food?   I've been giving it some grain and it has water access.  I'm guessing though that it is looking for a mate.  We only have Little Dandy the bantam rooster, sorry Ms Peahen.  
Cheers for now - I think I will go back to commenting on comments, it seems more personal.


Hazel said...

Noice to have you back with a post. 1.5 hours x 2 = 3 precious hours...hope it is a special job!

**Anne** said...

Good luck with your work situation. A long commute can be a pain, but if you are on the train it leaves you time to read or craft.
I wonder where the peahen came from? I don't know anything about their habbits or food requirements. I'm sure they would eat insects so perhaps your garden will be rid of pests.
Anne xx

Claire said...

Hey Wendy, congrats on the part time work, I hope it turns out well for you. As Anne and Hazel said 3 hours on the train, gives you time to read or craft.
I'm sure chooks, dogs and family will all survive and see you with a greater appreciation........bonus.

Can't help you with any info on peacocks or peahens, but I know they can be noisy creatures.......or is that just the blokes!!

Claire :}

duchess_declutter said...

Hi Hazel - noice to be back. I know 3 hours sounds a lot in black and white, but it was an opportunity that wouldn't happen again. I don't think it will be really long term, but some good $$ short term.
Anne - I'm not really looking forward to the commute, and at first didn't really think I could do it. However, I used to regularly commute a 1hr train trip, so think that this is worth my while.
Claire - It is a bit daunting, but I think I just have to take it. I am looking forward to a bit of a change I think!
From the little I know of peacock, it is the males who are noisy! Will see about that.

Judith said...

3 hours of uninterrupted reading - sounds like heaven to me - make sure you've got you're ipod too. Have fun. :)

PS I'm loving "The language of flowers".

Nelly said...

Lovely to hear from you I hope you do find work closer and I wish you luck in getting certain un-namables to do some work around the house xx

saving for travel said...

Lovely to see little, young Dexter! What a star!

Good luck with your new job, and as Judith says 3 hours of reading sounds like heaven. If you'd been travelling by car, well that could be hard!

Give it a go! It may be the best thing!

Great to see you posting again. I've missed you.

Sft x

Ali said...

I agree that it will look good on your resume, it's always easier to find work when you are working... and I think the train ride depends on how you look at it. Unfortunately I can't read on the train, it gives me motion sickness, but if I could, I think 3 hours a day would be heavenly!

Kim said...

Glad you are back...hope your computer gets fixed soon. I am like everyone else....3 straight hours to read with no guilt, sounds like bliss!!
Enjoy work, it is good to get out and do something out of the house .

Fi said...

Good news about the job! Yes you will be able to do lots of reading - and you are right it will look good on your resume too :)

cathy@home said...

I hope you are enjoying your new job.