December 7, 2011

Poinciana Flowers

This year our lovely tree has produced the best show to date. I particularly like this first shot taken at night.

Beautiful colour and plentiful flowers.  It is right at the front of the house and the idea when we planted it there, some years ago, was to provide shade for any visitors cars.

This doesn't always work so well - cars parked underneath are often covered in either leaves or flowers.  Most of our friends don't seem to mind though - it does provide beautiful shade in summer.

It is indeed a beautiful tree althought not a particularly uniform shape as it has been trimmed quite a lot.    Poinciana’s all seem to be doing exceptionally well this year.  I’ve seen many gorgeous displays of them around our neighbourhood.  It is not a native tree to our area, but it is still appreciated.

I am at home enjoying a lovely rainy day today.  The rain was badly needed, and we have certainly had a good soaking today. 
However, the reason I'm home is not so good.  I had a little accident with my foot last week and I haven’t been back to work since.  It happened at home, and it was totally my own fault, so I can't blame anyone, not even the dog!  Not wanting to go into any gory details (or show a photo  ... yuk) but suffice to say that it involved the following – one large opened  can of tuna, two toes, and 10 stitches.  I cannot believe that I was so stupid, but sadly, I was!

The next time I post, I am planning going to do a little giveaway.  I just wanted to acknowledge those who read my little blog, and who have maybe perservered when I haven’t been blogging very much at all lately.  
My thoughts are of taking a photo of where I sit when I blog - looking out the window.  Maybe others would like to join in.  The giveaway will be linked to this future post.

Uploading photos is still an issue until we get the new computer, but I have rigged up a way to get photos loaded using hubbys’ (work) camera.   I think that has made me a little reluctant to post, as previously I have enjoyed being able to share photos.  However, this is an improvement of sorts.  However, we'll see how it goes.  Baby steps in this non-technological household it seems.  Baby steps with me too ... ouch!

Are you familiar with the Poinciana tree?  Do you have any near you?

Till then,
Cheers Wendy


cathy@home said...

Lovely tree I think we have something similar near us.
Now that sounds like an interesting title for a film"one large opened can of tuna, two toes, and 10 stitches"

duchess_declutter said...

LOL Cathy! Another title could be 'bright shiny objects to avoid' or 'what wendy did next'... or a sci fi -'it came from the sea'.

librarygirl said...

Ouch. Full sympathy from me who once sliced open her arm when deadheading perennials in the garden..... 3 stitches.

saving for travel said...

Oh, DD, Hope you are ok. Sounds a bit scary!

The tree is beautiful, I've never seen anything like it before.

Good to hear from you.

Sft x

duchess_declutter said...

LG - ouch indeed. Nearly as bad as your spider bite?!
SFT - I think the Poinciana tree prefers more tropical climates than yours. It would look good against snow though!

delia hornbook said...

O god so sorry to hear about your accident. Rest up and take it easy. Lovely tree such a nice bit of colour. I don't know this tree im afraid but thanks for sharing ;-)) Take care, dee x

Kim said...

That tree is gorgeous, I don't know I have heard of it before....lit up like a christmas decoration. I find it hard posting if I don't have photos too, just brightens up a post I glad you are posting more.

Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

I love the photo of the tree at night. It looks so beautiful. I have just returned from staying at my in laws and they have 2 very old poinsianas that left my car covered in a red blanket. Sorry about the foot, hope it is on the mend.

duchess_declutter said...

Delia - thanks for your concern. It's a lot better now! I think the poinciana likes the warmer weather.
Kim - thanks glad you like the photos
Fiona - I like the night one too. They do tend to drop the odd flower or two don't they?!