September 27, 2011

Morning Walk (Part 2)

I've realised that I didn't continue the post about my Morning Walk - here is Part 1.

The first part of the walk takes in the 'rural' aspect.   I enjoy walking past our neighbouring acreages, most of them being between 5 and 10 acres in size.  Not a lot has changed in this part recently.  The ones who live on these blocks are seemingly like us - enjoying the natural surrounds.
Continuing this walk to the end of the street I can access the park.  It has a concreted track which is open at two street frontages, and it also loops around through the park.   It is (I'm guessing) about 10 acres.

This particular park however,  is a little different from most. 
This is what makes it different.  An innovated person in local Council some years back decided to do things a little differently.

Half the park is mown, with large groupings of native plants, heavily mulched and thriving.
Effectively in the middle, there are the usual park settings of swings and BBQ seating.
However, on the opposite side, land has been left to re-vegetate.  Of course, this area would have already been cleared of a lot of heavy timber many years ago.

The most exciting part for me is to see, over the years - how the natural area of the park has evolved. More and more birdlife is becoming apparent, along with other native wildlife.

I'm no expert, but it seems to me that there are very few areas for little birds to hide when all the undergrowth is cleared from properties.  The little finches are just amazing, but of course I wasn't able to take photos - they are way too fast for me!

A few people I have spoken to on my walks have mentioned 'the lack of mowing' in this section of the park.  What about the snakes?  What about fires?  To my uneducated eye though, it appears that this section of the park is just how things should be in the natural balance of things.  

There is a low lying swampy area. 
Swaying grasses for the seed eating birds like eastern rosellas and others to feed on.
 a nicely undulating hill with scrubby trees like Black Wattle
Plus ones that have been planted to show what used to grow in the area before clearing, like this Blue Gum.

I guess we are pretty fortunate to live where I can enjoy this walk daily.  All in all it is a nice morning walk - a bit rural and a bit civilised.  Dexter likes it too.
I would encourage you to photograph your daily walk.... I know that not everyone has rural surrounds, but it is amazing how different things look when you take photos of the everyday.  I know that just by taking these photos, my eyes have been opened a little more.

Take some photos of your everyday walk and feel free to link back to here!

Cheers for now - Wendy

saving for travel - I'd be happy to send the snake skin onto you SFT - if you can clear it with Customs first!
**Anne** - chickens are always so cute aren't they - just have to keep them apart from the snakes.  I think we have the pens snake proof (I hope!) now
Fi - I agree with the snake sentiment - &  I can understand why NZ is nice on so many levels!
Shaheen - thanks for the push about my other blog which I haven't started yet!  I will get onto it soon I promise.
Kim - I'm surprised your bantams aren't clucky Kim.  Surely it will happen soon?  when the weather warms up more maybe.
Gooseberry Jam  - yes, she's a very clucky hen and a very good mother too.  Sounds like someone I know!
muppy - yes - absolutely to both!


Fiona from Arbordale Farm said...

Linking up to you with my morning walk

Bruise Mouse said...

Such gorgeous walk. It must be an invigorating way to start the day.

muppy said...

I love your walk! and i am with you - love to see the area where the bush is let be.

saving for travel said...

LOL at your comment! We would love your snake skin. Think I will take camera on my daily walk tomorrow.

Your photos are wonderful and Dexter looks great!

Sft x

sophie...^5 said...

The signage is so civilized re:pedestrians and good to see...not so much here! Dexter looks like life is special!

Suzanne said...

Maybe I should just start doing a morning walk, just so I can photograph it......!!!!

Judith said...

We walk at night and I'm not sure Lulu and Julius would be as well behaved as Dexter is while I took photos. Might have to give it a try. xx