September 12, 2011

When Terrier Meets German Shepherd

Not a good end result!  Luckily he is fine, or will be fine very soon anyway.
It could have been a lot worse.  This was actually the result of just one bite - just that the other dog's jaw span goes from the top of Dexter's spine to mid-abdomen!

Fortunately, when it happened (I was walking Dexter on lead) there were several people around who came to assist.  The Shepherd actually ran out of the (open) gate and just latched onto him.  It all came as a bit of a shock to Dexter - who really fancies himself as a mini-Rottweiller!  There was a bit of a skirmish before the other dog was chased inside.

Fortunately (again) the owners, when approached, agreed to pay the $400 (!) vet bill.  Poor Dex had to had surgery and a mini-drain put in to run the yukky fluid out which would have otherwise accumulated.  That will be taken out tomorrow and the stitches out a week later I think.

He is fine - only indignant that he has been confined to the laundry for the time being (and has to wear a bucket on his head)!

Football news - great game, but unfortunately the boys' team weren't the winners.  They lost 32/34 - but it was such an exciting game!  It could have gone either way.  Lots of sad faces on the night, but they brightened after the team BBQ on the weekend.  They played a good fair game and that's the main thing.  It has been a wonderful season for them all.

Strange weather over the weekend here - very windy on Saturday.  How was your weekend?  I made my first batch of Esiyo overnight and it's now setting in the fridge.  Those of you who make it - do you mainly make the natural Greek one?  or what is your favourite?  Do you find that it works out a lot cheaper?

Cheers for now - Wendy

Comments from my previous post

S - how did you go?  did you try the recipe?
Fiona from Arbordale Farm - thanks for the link, another interesting blog to follow!  We didn't make it over your way after all.  Hope you had a great time.
Kim - thanks for your hints.  I will definitely be trying a few different ways to make the yoghurt once I get used to it.  Good advice re the cupboard too - luckily I have a spot already set aside.
**Anne** - glad to hear of another Esiyo fan!  Give the slice a try and see what you think.... I've now restocked my supply of ground ginger and ready for some more ....... that could be dangerous!
Fi - I knew that it was a popular Kiwi recipe.... I know that I'll be tempted to make it again.  Glad you're a EsiYo fan also.
Shaheen - I've always thought the Esiyo was a bit gimmicky, but glad that I've got one now. I know that yoghurt can be made with a  thermos - let us know how you go!


Kim said...

Oh your poor puppy. I had a small dog who thought he could fight off anything , even if he was in the dogs mouth at the time. I hope he feels better soon.

librarygirl said...

poor poor puppy dog - OUCH!

Judith said...

I hope Dexter feels better soon. It must of been such a shock for him.

veggiegobbler said...

Yeeeow. Poor dog.

Lyndel said...

oh Hugs to both Dexter and the Footy Boys. always difficult to say ''well done, guys, you did your best''. :(

Fi said...

Awwww poor Dexter! And those cones are just such a pain for them aren't they. Get better quick :)

I only ever use the greek natural flavour (handy for cooking!)but the berry one is quite good too. It is cheaper I find as we don't have any mass market yoghurt producers making the greek kind here in NZ it tends to be more of the gourmet/artisan yoghurt producers which makes it more expensive. One tip I say is to use a little bit less water, this makes it thicker.

Shaheen said...

Oh poor Dexter, I just want to come on over and caress him. Glad to see that he seems to be recovering with your TLC too.

saving for travel said...

Just caught up with your post! POOR DEXTER!!

Hope he's feeling better soon.

Sft x