September 22, 2011

Spring here means ......

these things - in no particular order -

Lovely wisteria in flower

Spring Chickens

I treated Little Banty with some more little chickens to take under her wing (literally!).   They are buff Pekin and they should end up very much like her.   You may remember from this post that my favourite little bantam is a great surrogate mother.

I happened upon an advert recently for these little guys. They were a little old (2 weeks) to put under her, but I was reasonably confident that she would take them. .... and of course she did!

However, snakes have woken up after winter and are on the move again.  As evidenced by this snake skin that has been shed on our back verandah!

This looks really big, but I'm pretty sure that it was the skin of a green tree snake I spotted lurking a few days back.  Have to make sure those chicks are locked up tight at night.
Another wisteria vine, but this is the native wisteria it has more of a rambling growth pattern, and the flower spikes are upwards.  I'm sure there are much better images than this to be found - just Google it.  Very pretty flower and the bees (and birds) love it!
Lastly, thanks for all the kind comments about Dexter.  He is, of course, just fine and back to his feisty self.  Just thought I'd include a close up of his bite mark, which I have highlighted in green (you may have to double click on it).  Can you see the canine mouth imprint!?  Lucky there were only 2 puncture wounds.  Could certainly have been a lot worse.
Cheers for now - Wendy 

Waving hello to my newest follower Julia - welcome!

My replies to comments on previous post:
Kim - small dogs are just different somehow aren't they?  Not just size, but attitude!
librarygirl - ouch indeed, and for a few days after too.
Judith- thanks, yes a bit of a shock to both of us!
veggiegobbler - it was so quick, I don't even think he had time to yelp
Lyndel - hugs appreciated by both Dex and the footy boys, thanks Lyndel!
Fi - those cones are just wicked I think... they do the trick (usually) though.  EasyYo- I've found that the greek yoghurt works best for us too. Thanks for the water tip, have tried that and it works a treat Fi.
Shaheen - thanks a lot, that's sweet of you.  He is fine now.
saving for travel - thanks SFT, he is well and truly up and running around now


saving for travel said...

So glad Dexter is up and running around now. Hope he heals quickly.

Your wisteria is beautiful, I love it!

That snake skin is fascinating, the children in my class would love it!

Sft x

**Anne** said...

WOW, the Wisteria is beautiful and evokes such spring feelings.
Those little chicks are cute and I was just imagining how we would cope if we were suddenly inundated with 8 babies! :)
Snakes, shudder. It's just a bit too early for me to be thinking about them again. I grew up with those nasty venomous ones in W.A., especially those agressive King Browns. I hope your little chicks stay safe.
Have a good one,
Anne xx

Fi said...

Yay Dexter!

Love your wee bantam chook, she's lovely.

Snakes! *shudders*

Shaheen said...

Thant canine imprint send shivers down me, the responsibility of having a pet is huge. You can take care of your own for sure, shame about others. Good to hear that Dexter is back to his fiesty self.

I was having a nosy at one of your other blogs - Mum's Retro recipes - so my quetionis when you gonna start sharing recipes with us? :) Also, I am really loving those orange cannisters in the header - real pretty.

Kim said...

Those little bantam chicks are just gorgeous!!I have been waiting and waiting for my bantams to go clucky and it just isn't happening. I need a little banty at my house.

Gooseberry Jam said...

How cute are our little chickies...and what a great mum she is to take on two week old chicks...
We found a (small) tree snake last week here too, the only thing I hate about spring!

muppy said...

the chickens are so cute!
that bite mark is terrible :(