September 7, 2011

Is Your Tea Cosy?

I was having my morning cuppa and having a quick look at some blogs when I happened upon Suzanne's Enchanted Moments.  Her lovely post this morning invited us to show off our tea cosies.  So I decided to play along - why don't you?

This is my one and only cosy, which I picked up at a garage sale for 20c!  It's lovely and looks nice and cosy on my red teapot.  
I have always planned on knitting a tea cosy, but until then, this one certainly does the job nicely.  I'm not so sure that I could do such a nice job!

Seems like a good time too to say Thanks for all your great comments on the  coffee post!

Phoebe  - yes they are pretty, and even prettier in flower.  Note to self must look for an old photo of them in flower.
**Anne**  - I just like them for the look of them I think Anne.  I think it would take a mountain of work to produce enough beans to grind.  Then again, I think I'm just lazy!
Liz - yes the red beans are ripe (I think).  Starts off green and goes into red then brown.
thenewgoodlife- I'm learning as I go too.  - The education would have been even more informative if I knew a bit more lol!
Rose - I think I should too.  At least then I would really know where my coffee came from!
saving for travel - happy to encourage you to take a break SFT!
Ali - They are reasonably big Ali.  These are under some gums too.... can you move your tree if it's in the wrong place?
Andrea -  Good comment about the birds - I think it is mainly when they are in flower that the lorikeets like them.  Guess they go for the nectar over the coffee taste!
muppy - I just like the look of them too.  The foliage is so lush and the beans a lovely contrast.
Fiona from Arbordale Farm - thanks again Fiona, much appreciated.
Judith - You're right - very handy as a screen tree and a nice shade tree too.
Kim -.I think they'd be a nice addition to most gardens because of the shade factor too.
Bayside Rose - Happy to help. Thanks for your comment, just wish I could be a bit more informative!

and while I'm at it - thanks for the comments on the Old Chook and an Award.  Just wish that someone had another old chook photo!

Phoebe  - nice colour and such a stately old thing too.  I'd like to get some pb Australorps just for that reason.  Maybe next time.  Don't know how many for RIR's but this old girl certainly shut up shop some time ago!
muppy - you're more than welcome Muppy! 
Lyndel - you're welcome too Lyndel.  Just a bit of fun - now get back to the washing ... lol.
**Anne** - you are welcome Anne!  Your chooks may be old one day too.  The award is just a bit of fun, don't feel that you have to follow through!
Gooseberry Jam - yes we are all getting a bit grey here!  Hopefully one day you will have old chooks too.  No she stopped laying ages ago, pensioned off.
Rose - you have a great blog - keep up the great work on the Project.

Cheers for now - Wendy 


Suzanne said...

oooh, nice cosy Wendy, thanks so much for joining in....Ill link you up now...x Suzanne

Tania @ Out Back said...

Now that's a pretty tea cosy!

That one appears to be crocheted, very clever...

Kate said...

I love your cozy but I love the look of your red tea pot even more. I have a small collection at home but am yet to find a red one. Lucky duck.

Judith said...

Love your tea cosy. :)

Ali said...

That cosy is gorgeous... I think I want one... I have cosy envy.

saving for travel said...

Just looking at that photo of your teapot and cosy makes me feel relaxed.

What treasures for teatime!

Sft x