September 5, 2011

A Poultry Challenge ..... and an Award

We have a quite a few different hens - about  a dozen or so at the moment.  The majority of these are crossbred and now a few additional bantams as well.  Over the years these have been mainly red/brown, some Rhode Island Red background, and also Isa Brown.  I know that it would be wonderful to have only Pure Bred ones, but these suit our purpose of supplying eggs.
Every  couple of years, we will buy about 5 of 6 at Point of Lay stage (around 18 weeks of age). By this time, the older hens would have slowed down in the egg production and we have often lost a couple through natural causes (this includes old age, snakes - or often just found toes up for no known reason).

We have one very old hen.  Usually referred to as the old chook.  Not as a name, but more of a description.  On the weekend I had a good look at the old chook.   I had noticed lately that her new feathers had been taking a while to come through following a recent moult. 

However, when I had a really good look, I went back for the camera.
They are not new feathers coming through as I thought.  They are grey feathers!  The old chook has grey feathers!   (cue sounds of mirth, clutching at sides laughing). 

We all tried to think back how old this particular hen would actually be.  I googled the life span of domestic poultry.  Most sources named 6 years as being a good age.  Burkes Backyard  cites 2-10 years for cross-bred hens.  I am thinking that this particular hen would be somewhere in the 6-10 year mark. 
My challenge to fellow poultry enthusiasts is this - do you have, or know of an old chook.  If you do,  please write a post on your blog, perhaps with a photo, and link it back to this post.  I'd love to see some photos of other old hens who are living a life of grey plumed retirement.
Now - about the Award!  

I'd love to thank the wonderful Fiona from Life at Arbordale Farm for generously passing this award over my way - and also to fellow recipients -  Little Piece of GreenHazel; Veggiegobbler and Just Like My Nan Made - so I was in great company.  I was thrilled to be included. I've not been blogging very long and have been astounded by the many levels that I enjoy it.  First and foremost of course would have to be the friends in the blogging community.

It is wonderful to read so many blogs and to get involved in them just by commenting and joining in on some many different perspectives. 

The Liebster Blog award is given to bloggers with under 200 followers. Here are the rules:

1. Thank the giver and link back to them.  Yes, ticked this one... thanks again Fiona.

2. Reveal your 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

Rose from Greening the Rose.  I am particularly enjoying The Rose Marshall ProjectRose does the hard work on food investigation that every Australian consumer should read.

Muppy  amazes me with each post.  What she can do in the kitchen is nothing short of inspirational.  Her family certainly dines in style.

Anne at Ungardened Moments.  Her blog is full of colour and inspiration.  I always feel calm and peaceful after reading one of Anne's posts. 

KiwiFruit - What is not to love here.  The beautiful photography, Flopsy, Roller Derby Queen and the stunning scenery.  Love it all!

Lyndel of Vintage Retro & Simply Cute Shopping has such wonderful vintage style and so many varied collections.  A superb eye for op shop treasures.  I'm jealous!

It was definitely difficult to pick just five!  This is certainly a condensed list of many of my faviourites and five which seem to cover all the genres that interest me.  Oops - I seem to have forgotten all about decluttering!

So there you go.  Hope I've done everything correctly.  Not stepped on any toes or linked anyone who didn't want to be linked!
Cheers for now - Wendy 
Don't forget about the Poulty Challenge!


With many apologies - I haven't responded to all the lovely comments on the previous post.  This has been such a long post and I'm going cross eyed from all the links.  Will respond next time re the Coffee post. 


Phoebe said...

She is such a lovely colour! Do you know the average egg production for the RIRs?
Australorps hold the record for egg production at 365! Yep! Every day!

muppy said...

THANKYOU :) you are so kind

Lyndel said...

oh wow thanks Wendy, I don't know about 'Liebster' more like 'Faul' [that's lazy btw] Blogger, so many things happening, so little time. Wait till you see the huge bag of laundry I brought home today, it should turn into nice vintage linens and embroideries once I get 20 years of grime out. Love your 'old chook' just let her go grey gracefully.♥

**Anne** said...

WOW, a chook with grey feathers, that's so funny. Our chooks are only a couple of years old so don't quite fall into the old chook category although only one lays consistently.
Thank you very much for the award and your kind comments about my blog. It's nice to know my blog is having a positive impact. :)
I've been given some awards before and have felt quite self conscious about them so have never really done anything about them. But this time I'm going to say thank you and embrace it head on.
Have a wonderful week,
Anne xx

Gooseberry Jam said...

Hi Wendy, A grey feathered chook, Well I'll be, I have never heard of it, nor has it ever crossed my mind! Makes sense though!! Does she still lay for you??
None of my chooks have ever made it that long, thanks to foxes or some other predator...but I do hope to see some of my current crossbreeds live a little longer! :)

Rose said...

Thank you so much! I'm really touched.