August 4, 2011

It Just Shows

Obviously I don't get out very much. ..... and that would be even in my own backyard!  Too much computer I think.
I had been admiring other spring blossom photos and forgetting that we had our own!  Tropical peach and tropical plum apparently.  I had forgotten about them because they have never done very well.  Here they are looking spendidly neglected in our back paddock.

In my mind, they had been cast into the vast money pit that we have spent on fruit trees over the years.  Maybe this year is looking promising?

Obviously too, I can still declutter when I put my mind to it!  A mere mornings' effort.  Straight to the charity shop this afternoon.  Decided to get a little reckless because there hasn't been much support for holding a garage sale.

So I'm looking at just giving donations instead of trying to scrabble for a few $$.  Someone will be delighted with a few good finds amongst this lot I think.  Unfortunately though, I often walk out with a purchase after leaving things at the shop!  Who else does this?!
And lastly - necessity is the mother of invention?  Is that how it goes .... anyway this is how Little Banty is keeping her babies warm at the moment.  Off the roost and into the nesting box.  This is an old mower catcher from the dump.  We have a few and they are great and cost $0.  The obviously like it, but not sure how long they will all fit in there.  Maybe they will last till the weather warms up a little.

Here's my replies to comments on previous post:

Tania @ Out Back - thanks for dropping by again.  I must be off and check out your blog, sorry I haven't done so yet.... and yes we are having lovely weather.  Totally the best time of the year.
saving for travel - it is certainly a great way to get trees in the ground quickly!  Enjoy your holiday - Devon sounds lovely.  Hopefully your cold will go far far away also.
 **Anne** - I agree!  It's a great project and one well worth supporting, but any tree is good!
 Fiona from Arbordale Farm - I'll have to post a photo in a few months.  Hopefully we will get some rain, things are a bit dry now.
muppy - always more trees needed!

Cheers for now - Wendy


Daffodil said...

Oh Wendy, I am waiting soooo patiently for my fruit trees to blossom, but I cannot rush these things. Spring will arrive when she is good and ready....and then beautiful crunchy sweet apples.

**Anne** said...

Your blossoming trees are beautiful. I hope you have some yummy fruit this year.
Donating to op. shops is something I need to more of. I obviously have an issue with hoarding. I'm hoping it will pass soon. :)
Anne xx

Judith said...

I thought of you today while I was cleaning out my laundry cupboard, wondering how your decluttering was going - a whole bootful in one morning - you'd have to be happy with that.

I try and only drop things in the collection bins at the op shops when they are closed, that way I can't take anything home with me. :) Enjoy your blossom. Cheers.

saving for travel said...

Oh Wendy, you're posts are wonderful! Look at those hens!

I like to declutter but then find wonderful things in charity/op shops (which of course goes to worthwhile charities).

The blossom is wonderful! I love seeing it.

Sft x

Tasmanian Vegan and Minimalist said...

In my opinion there is nothing better than seeing a boot full of donations. Both in terms of feeling good about onesself and also in terms of the space you'll make and the joy others might get from your cast-offs.

Kim said...

We didn't have much luck with fruit trees until this year. A friend showed me how to prune and how badly the kikiyu affected fruiting by taking away nutrients. Keep perservering, the wild trees look beautiful.