May 30, 2011

Creature Feature

No - not a B-Grade movie.
Real life.  Real action and drama and a real carpet snake!

However, the real excitement (said with a hint of sarcasm) to me is the fact that when I first saw it, the dear wee thing was directly over the back door!!

Haven't seen it again since then - it was obviously camera-shy because it was on the move once I started clicking away.

I am so glad that the house is very securely screened and effectively snake-proof. Otherwise I don't think I'd sleep well at night!

I'm sure it is not the same one we had removed.  I'm sure though it is an offspring or maybe sibling of our old friend.  It is definitely smaller. 

This is the one I had removed last year.

As long as the new one stays away from these little guys I'll be happy.    It had obviously had a decent meal lately - when I saw the big bulge in its' belly I went back to count the chickens again, but they were all there.  I'm hoping it was a rat or similar.  At least that would make me feel better.

I will have to put up with this one hanging around I feel.  When I had the last one removed,  my DH wasn't too happy and gave me the big Environmental Talk about how snakes fit into the scheme of things.   Which I can understand totally. ...  I just didn't like seeing it all the time in the garage!

Another funny event this weekend.  My son recently bought a new Oscar fish  for his big tank.  It has been in there about a week, but must have decided to vary his diet a little.  Talk about biting off more than you can chew!  It has been like this since Saturday.
(If you double click on the photo you might be able to see more clearly)  The Oscar has a fish (catfish I think) wedged into his mouth.  We have tried to physically remove the little fish, but it just isn't budging.  We'll have to wait and see what happens to the Oscar.  At the very least, it might put him off attacking the smaller fish!  I think the theory was that they were too big to be seen as part of the menu. Seems the Oscar thought differently.

Cheers for now   Wendy


Bruise Mouse said...

Great snake photo with the bulge.

Gooseberry Jam said...

You just must have a very cosy home, everyone wants to move in....
That little cat fish knows whats going on, he's not ready to go anywhere in a hurry either! :)

saving for travel said...

What a brilliant post.
Stupid question time: Are carpet snakes dangerous?

I hope that wasn't your hubby man handling the last one?

The Oscar fish looks a bit guilty in that photo..he knows he hasn't got away with it!

take care

Sft x

duchess_declutter said...

Bruise Mouse - it's a great bulge isn't it?

GJB - yes everyone wants to move in ... geckos, snakes etc.!

SFT - I'm sorry I didn't link to a previous post when the last big carpet was re-homed. No, that was a snake removalist who caught the snake and I paid him $50 and said thanks very much! These snakes aren't venomous,aren't aggressive, but can leave a nasty bite if provoked. The Oscar fish survived the ordeal, the little fish didn't!

sophie...^5 said...

snakes again....aaaahhhhhhh!