May 24, 2011

Vintage recluttering fun

Well I had a couple of more finds on the weekend.  It was not my intent to turn this into a thrifting blog, but I might run with it as or when  it happens.

Found these lovely canisters for $3!  I love red.  I particularly love red as a feature in my kitchen.  I have a few red feature tiles, and a couple of other red accessories.  Just loved the brightness of these. 

As I don't really need more canisters, I thought they might look cute as a feature.  How about this ..... flying canisters  (not a permanent feature, just velcro-ed to the wall to see how it looked!).

What is it about vintage things that was just so powerful?  I think going back to the 60's for example, they just seem to make such a strong statement.  This leads me to my next subject.  Vintage Knitting Patterns!

I came across this little gem.  Don't you just love it?  There are a couple of things I could say about the cover, but I won't. 

However, what about this one.   A couple of captions spring to mind...... 'But Eunice, Mother used to always iron my underpants, I don't see why you won't!'   could be one.

No prizes, no winning entry, but can you think of something he would be saying?  Nothing too rude thanks, I'm pretty broad-minded, but keep it clean!

and also for this one!  Note position of chair. 

They are great patterns and I would love it to be cold enough to be wearing one of these classics!  I'm still toddling along with the vest I'm knitting at the moment.

Have fun - I'm off to declutter.

Cheers for now Wendy

Photos - Villawool - Villawood Textile Company


Daffodil said...

Nice cans you have there, Duchess! Excellent price, as well. You have to love a bargain. They will look fantastic in you kitchen.

I love vintage pattern anything, but completely fail at doing anything with them. So I tend to leave them at the op shops for those who can make magic happen with their crafty craftiness.

I like the idea of including thrifting along with your decluttering. However, I am incredibly biased as I am an op-shop devotee.

muppy said...

Love the cannisters, they look great!

Lyndel said...

Cannisters are great. I Love vintage knitting and crochet books, and I sell them on eBay too.. hubby and I often have a giggle at some of the photos. Would love to know where the girl in the green jumper got THAT bra!

Nelly said...

Love the flying cannisters lol

saving for travel said...

I LOVE THRIFTING-only just discovered the word recently but if it means finding wonderful old pretty things for a fraction of the price (in my case Charity Shops).

Really pretty cannisters DD!

Sft x

duchess_declutter said...

Daff - thanks, I'm a bit of a long-time opshopper too!

Lyndel - I know - why did they wear those sorts of bras!?

Nelly - better than flying ducks?!

SFT - believe me, once you start you'll never stop!

duchess_declutter said...

Muppy - thanks for your comment - I have to say I'm finding your blog very inspirational lately - some great recipes.

delia hornbook said...

I just had to say hello i popped over from the lovely Nelly's blog and i am so glad i did. Love your canisters they look great flying on the wall. ha ha i just had to laugh at those patterns 60's, 70's humor is the best. I am a retro girl and i am slowly transforming my home into 50's and 60's with a splash of 70's fabrics i love it well that time zone. I will be back real soon. Enjoy your knitting, dee x

cathy@home said...

so funny those patterns my slightly lighter shade of blue brain was thinking up a lot of captions for them;)

duchess_declutter said...

Hello Delia and welcome! I thought the flying canisters were a great idea too - maybe I can patent it?!

Cathy - I had a few thoughts about them too lol.