May 20, 2011

Decluttering - what decluttering??

It is probably about time that I confess to my recent op shop finds.  I've been keeping pretty quiet about it, but thrift shops and I go back, way way back. 

In the last few years I have been trying to curb my habit, and to giveaway more than I bought.  This has been reasonably successful.  However, sometimes I lapse.  Sometimes things just leap out at me.
Sometimes I go to garage sales.  Just happen to drive past one at the right time.  Just happen to find some beauties like this.
Not just once.  But on two separate occasions.  What are the chances of such a great match!
A little while ago I off-loaded some of my Corning ware on eBay.  So I figured it was justifiable.    Or maybe two wrongs don't make a right?  Or could it be two steps forward and one back.  I think there must be an analogy there somewhere.
In the meantime, I am enjoying my new finds.  I think they are lovely and bright and could possibly be the start of a new collection!

cheers for now Wendy


Daffodil said...

HEE-HEE!!! A recluttering duchess!!! However, you have to remember that you are offloading what you do need or want and up-taking things that you may just need and really like.

Besides, it is op-shopping and garage saleing no more needs to be said. You are preaching to the converted here.

Daffodil said...

..and that should read DON´T need. I am going to have to declutter my dodgy keyboard. I have never spelt this badly before!

Nelly said...

No one should stop opping or saling ever even while decluttering lol

OP SHOP MAMA said...

I think it would be miserable without fresh fancy things coming into our lives!! You can still declutter as much as poss.. preferably more out than in though, I guess!!

NIXNAX said...

They are impressive and i think justified.

Lyndel said...

I think that you need to de-clutter all of them, immediately, shall I send my address to you??

seriously, lovely finds, and handy, practical items. Declutter the frivilous or the totally un-necessary if you must, but something as beautiful and practical... well you NEED them.

Ali said...

Ooo yes, you are recluttering,,, I love it!

Gooseberry Jam said...

Don't you just get rid of the old to make a place for the New?
Great finds. :)

Angela said...

Love the dishes - I bravely avoided some Corning ware at a sale today - but did succumb to a little glass jug for 10p!

keshling said...

Oh very nice indeed....such cheerful patterns and colours too!

K xx

Fi said...

Love the colours! Nothing wrong with a bit of recluttering I say :)

duchess_declutter said...

Well hello to all my fellow op shoppers! Welcome to OpShopping Anonymous!! Lots of comments which is great, we all have obviously been there done that.

Daff - it's decluttering duchess actually. Or that could be decluttering duchess reformed.

Nelly - I think you're right - I think that it is possible to do both. It's just that the scale of things has to be even!

OpShopMama - Hi and welcome! You're right
there has to be a flow to things in our possession. New finds are always fun.

NixNax - Hi and welcome too! Nice to have you on board. I had no trouble justifying these 3 items that's for sure.

Lyndel - I may not be offloading these too soon. Dream on! You're right - I don't do frivalous really, so these are downright practical.

Ali - recluttering/decluttering - it's only 1 letter anyway.

GBJ - yes some people do. I tend to buy other peoples stuff and not always get rid of it!

Angela - Welcome! I think 10p sounds like a bargain in anyone's currency.

Keshling - Hi! Aren't they just so bright! That's what I liked about them. Our house is dark brick inside and we need more bright.

duchess_declutter said...

Fi - Hi! you must have been typing the same time as I was - thanks, I'm feeling quite justified in these purchases now!