April 6, 2011

This and That

Hello all - sorry no blogging for last few days.  No reason really, not a lot to report.  I realise a lot of you may have been waiting with bated breath for my Tuesday Object of my Affection post.  [totally off subject but as I typed that phrase 'bated breath'  I  pondered what the phase actually meant as I tend to use it a lot.  With the wonders of www I checked and found this  amazing!.  See this blog is informative as well as entertaining lol].   

Well I did think of the Objects post yesterday and then I thought .... meh.  Is this what my blogger friends really want to see, my personal belongings dragged out for a show and tell.  So at the moment, this theme is on hold.  Maybe to appear again at a later date.  Stay posted.

So after I had cast aside all thoughts of the Tuesday post, I then had to come up with something else!  Maybe I have bloggers block, I'm not sure as I've never really had it before.  I'm hoping it won't be prolonged or infectious as I really do enjoy just putting random thoughts down.

I seriously don't have a lot to be proud of in the decluttering stakes.  In fact I did a little browsing yesterday at  an op- shop  that I used to like.   I really think that things have changed in that area.  As much as I have always loved browsing op shops, charity shops, fetes, displays, antique shops etc.  I've lost the thrill of the chase a little.  Maybe it's just  where I'm looking,  but there don't seem to be many bargains and the prices are quite high.  Having said that though - I'm really in the business of getting rid of things rather than buying, so maybe it's just as well. 

So today, a snap of the weekly produce.  In fact, apart from the pumpkins, the rest were just sitting on the kitchen bench.  Produce clutter actually.  Taking a photo then encouraged me to put them into their respective spots, so I guess that was productive.  It will be a wee while before the bananas and monstera will be ripe enough to eat.  I put the monstera into cheesecloth bags to keep any little nasties away as the outer skins sheds as it ripens.  The bananas just sit until they are ripe enough.  Usually we give some to the neighbours, eat, bake, and make smoothies with the rest.  The pumpkin cut well and tasted very nice baked last night. 

Sadly, our avocados have been pretty unspectacular taste-wise.  Hopefully they will improve next season, but although they cut and ripen well, they consistency is very putty-like and bland in taste.

Then as I opened one of the kitchen drawers to get something this morning, it occurred to me that, while this drawer was a bit messy and cluttered, it works for me.  I use all these gadgets a lot, I know where they are straight away and they are easy to get to.  

After I took the photo too I realised that I have more plastic than I am comfortable with, so will be looking at clearing some of that plastic away.   In all though, that drawer might look cluttered to some, but it works for me and that's the main thing.  I guess everyone just works best in a manner which is comfortable to them.

Cheers for now


Daffodil said...

Hi Wendy...I missed you yesterday! Don´t worry about us out here in blogland, this is your blog, so you write whatever you feel like and we will devour and enjoy every word you post our way.

I really must get to bed, I have just gotten home from a night shift and my work colleagues took me out for a lovely breakfast, however, I have been awake since 6:00 yesterday morning, so I am now looking at almost 30 hours without sleep, a ten hour shift, almost 2 1/2 driving and a DELISH breakfast that is sending me to sleep.

So sleep I shall.

Please disregard any typos and glaring grammatical errors. I am all tuckered out to bother with with just about everything.


duchess_declutter said...

Daff - you poor wee thing. Hope your foot is holding up to such a long shift. Such a long day for you. Thanks for your nice comment - glad that you could focus enough! cheers Wendy

**Anne** said...

Hi Wendy,
Thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my blog about my cushion.
I had bloggers blank a week or so ago, happens to us all.
Have a good evening,
Anne xx

cathy@home said...

Hi Wendy missed you yesterday but can completely understand maybe your blog should just be about your thoughts of the moment.
I have a cupboard full with plastic boxes and containers for picnics freezer (instead of using plastic bags) at the moment its nearly empty lots of ready meals done I am looking for an altenative no luck so far.

duchess_declutter said...

Hi Anne - thanks for your comment and dropping by. I really do love the idea of crochet, if I could just get my head around it. I can aspire to something like your cushion in the far future.

Hi Cathy - thanks for saying you missed my post yesterday! I think I'll just chop and change as I go. It's all pretty new to me. It's difficult to give up on plastics isn't it. They are just so handy.

Ali said...

Ooo the monstera, I only found out just last year that they were edible! I have two in my garden, but they haven't fruited yet, do you know how old yours are?

Lovely looking pumpkins, and is it my imagination or has your blog changed again? I am not the most observant person in the world :)

duchess_declutter said...

Hi Ali - yes I changed the background a little while back - is that what you mean? The monstera fruit once a year I think and take about one year before it starts to fruit. Thanks for your comments - and the pumpkins have been good so far this year.