April 7, 2011

After my post yesterday I realised that I hadn't included some beans I'd just picked.  So here they are for your enjoyment looking very cute on my retro plate.  I like retro plates and have quite a collection going on - you may well see them now and again as props along the way!

I have been following with interest Library Girl's grocery shopping quest to break up with the Big Two.  She has set a shining example to me that it can be done successfully.  I felt that this was particularly relevant currently with regards to milk price discounting.  This past month I have been very aware of where I shop and have been going out of my way to frequent the independents.  It is difficult, and I've only had about a 85% success rate.  Next month I'll do better - it is achievable but sometimes a little effort is involved.  

Then I found this list and realised that things are so deeply intertwined that even buying a nice bottle of wine is linked to the Big Two.  Oh dear!  More thinking and planning involved, but it's all good.

Also, if my brain wasn't fuddled enough with all those thoughts trampling around, I am endeavouring teach myself to crochet.  I'm left handed and totally bamboozled by it all.  I find knitting a breeze and have my own self-taught quirky style.  I've seen so many lovely projects to do - nice bright and modern, not the dull colours of old.     So if anyone out there has any clues, I would appreciate it. 

Again, no decluttering to report, I'm sorry.  Hopefully today I will get stuck into a few things.  I didn't have a good week at all last week with selling things online, so that was a bit disappointing.  Might give that idea a break for a little while and sort more things out.

Cheers for now


sophie...^5 said...

A crocheting leftie...there has to be a website for you...I think I'll look!

sophie...^5 said...


duchess_declutter said...

Ah - help from an unexpected source! Thanks Sophie, I wasn't sure if you'd head for the beach at hearing the word 'crochet'. I will look at that - sounds good. Cheers Wendy

Daffodil said...

Oh. Crocheting. Yes, um well.

..and that may just be all I have to contribute on that topic!


librarygirl said...

The beans on the pretty Winkle plate look great!