April 1, 2011

1st April already!

Have a good weekend everyone. 

I'm hoping to have more to report on the decluttering front on Monday.  In the meantime, I'm saving up for one of  these for Dexter!  I'm joking, ok.

Cheers Wendy


sophie...^5 said...

Leave it up to IKEA to come up with something unique!

Gooseberry Jam said...

I saw this on the News Yesterday...it made me laugh, but doesn't surprise me. As cute as it is, would you really use it ???

duchess_declutter said...

No - I was only joking.

Bruise Mouse said...

Hi Wendy
I meant to email you earlier in the week as the Giveaway parcel you sent arrived. Thank you very much.
As predicted my daughter found and claimed the jewellery almost before I had unwrapped them.
Thanks again
Bruise Mouse