April 8, 2011

All I have to report

Well someone will probably find these in an op shop somewhere!  This is all that I can drag up for a quick post this morning.  The sum total of the decluttering this week.  Off to the charity shop today with them.

Actually these all came out of the big cabinet that I sorted earlier, but I had a box set aside which I culled through further again.

Some cardboard beer coasters.  Well these are just about vintage ones, because I collected them (as you do) when I went on a 3  month overseas trip ... umm.... in 1990.  I don't know why I thought they were a good thing to collect, light to travel with I guess.  Someone will love them I'm sure, I'm just surprised they kept as well as they did.

The leather coasters actually look quite good in the photo.  They are old Australiana ones and the leather had been neglected and the bases are are wonky.  I oiled them with leather dressing thinking they might present better, but decided to pass them on.  

The little framed pressed flowers were lovely when they are new (also about the same vintage) but the colour has faded and I just don't see the point in hanging onto them.

The little Easter ornament  was a real cheapie from the $2 shop (just a little bit broken on the hinge!).   However, my son bought it for me when he was about 6 with his own money!!  But I'm being strong and moving it on for someone else to maybe give to their mother.   
This same little boy is nearly 16 and is going to a concert tonight (Good Charlotte) Now we are really fast tracking into the stay-up-late-to-ferry-son-to various-social-events scenario.   Sadly, The Wiggles don't seem all that long ago.      

Have a great weekend all.

Cheers for now


Fi said...

I bet you miss those Wiggle concerts! ;)

dreamer said...

Every little helps :)
Kids grow up so fast don't they!

Amy said...

I'm especially impressed by you giving up that Easter ornament -- that kind of thing (gifts from special people -- esp. a long time ago) is the HARDEST for me to let go of.

duchess_declutter said...

Fi - you will be in the same spot (figuratively speaking) in about 5 years lol!

dreamer- nice to hear from you and yes that is absolutely true.

Amy - I guess it was a bit, but there is still a lot I am hanging onto!