March 30, 2011

Sign of the Times

It seems totally ironic to me that these days, I count the fortunate days as the ones that I don't have to use the car.  If the car does not leave the garage in 1 or 2 days I feel this is a real bonus.

Living where we do, it is at least a 10-15 km drive to shopping centres, schools and further to social events.  The car is used a lot on the weekend, but during the week I am happy for it to sit in the garage.

So why is it, that I am always watching the clock and that the day just rushes by!?  I know I am not alone in this, and that the stay at home workforce always has a lot on the go.   However, I have just shot myself down in flames with the first paragraph haven't I?

But there are just so many things to do.  In my previous existence, I did have a busy career and know the benefit of time management.  It's just that now (after almost 4 years) I am still just so thankful to be at home and enjoying my day, whatever that brings.

The trouble is - there are just so many blogs to read - especially about ways to save money and gardening and cooking and Labradoodles (check out the gorgeous Sophie ) and home life and the chances are if you are reading this - then I have probably read yours!

Luckily for me however, I found this gadget  recently.  I'm hoping that it will work a lot better for me than the kitchen timer method.   Step away from the computer now.

Sorry there is not too much decluttering going on at the moment.  Still a few things on ebay.  I have been working on our family budget, trying to tweak the figures a little - and trying to justify my 'stay at home not in paid employment' existence.

Oh - and another sign of the times and the fact that the weather is cooling down ...... Dexter is nesting!

Cheers Wendy 


Daffodil said...

I also spend waaaaay to much time reading other peoples blogs! I need to use that handy little gadget myself.

On my days off I can usually be found pottering around our little farm, feeding chickens, pigs and ducks. Messing about with their bedding and chucking the used stuff around the orchard.

Then I annoy my horses for a while (still no riding yet) and come inside once the sun has a bit of bite to it.

Of course, then the blogtime begins.

So many blogs to enjoy, so little time!

duchess_declutter said...

Glad to see someone is on the same wave length!

Nelly said...

Ha I think many of us are in the same boat.Hows that "time please" thing working for you?

Gooseberry Jam said...

Cool Gadget, I think I would just click it off though when it told me my time was up! I usually only get on my Blog here and there whenever I have a quiet moment....I would love to have more time to catch up with my favourite bloggers too...

Amy said...

Wendy, I watch the clock too! I have a job outside the house and actually watch the clock LESS there than I do at home. I'm not sure what that's about? I need to be more mindful of letting time go -- great post.