March 11, 2011

Show and Tell and a Giveaway

Well I did get the 3 drawers done.  Offloaded  some things and I did a bit of a shuffle around.  Why did I have Christmas decorative napkins and candles there?  Hard to know just how much to fine tune these drawers being so close to the kitchen and dining area.   At least they are a bit tidier which is something.

Actually I have to admit to sorting these through twice.  When I took a photo the first time I realized that not a lot had changed.  Lucky I have this blog to keep me motivated!


This is the result.  A little bit tidier and a bit lighter.  I know that looking at this particular drawer I'm still not frameless - but I do need these for future framing!

Next week I'm going to focus on the cupboards underneath.  I'm also hoping to put quite a few items on eBay, even though it is so time consuming.   All worth it for the little skip of excitement when something actually sells .... it does happen sometimes!

Giveaway!  I am just so chuffed to have friendly people who read my little blurb and watch what's happening in my cluttered world.  So in return I thought I would offer up a little giveaway.

Now those who do not like the idea of being the recipient of someone else's' belongings, look away right now.  These beads and earring have been worn by myself ... umm maybe twice?  They are clean and well looked after (if you can call it that, just sitting in a little drawer in the dark).  They are pretty and sparkly and deserve to be worn!. 

The crown jewels they are not!  Just a few things that someone else may be able to use.  Just another step in the declutter process, so think of it as helping me out.   The little book is an unused Pocket Organiser with little sticker notes inside.  Maybe handy for marking what is being kept and what isn't. 

 Oh - by the way - I'm quite happy to send these overseas if that's how it goes.
Just leave a comment between now and 18 March.  The winner will be chosen randomly - probably from a hat.  I am leaving it open for a week because I'll be away for a few days in between.

Don't forget to vote on the survey on sidebar. ... I'm interested in seeing some feedback on the blog.

Cheers Wendy


dreamer said...

Hi Wendy
I've been doing a drawer today too, amazing what random stuff ends up stuffed in them lol, Isn't it strange how you can see things in photographs that you sometimes don't see when looking at the same thing in real life.Keep up the good work :)

duchess_declutter said...

dreamer - that is so true! I'll have to remember to do 2nd shots more often.

Ali said...

Ooo me, me, me, pick me!!! Not only do I love other people's old things, I almost only wear other people's old things! Sparkly things, I love sparkly things!

Except my undies, they are mine from the start.

Pick me, I wanna win win win!!! Throw away the random hat, just pick me!

Lol, I can't even see the photo, but surely I get to win on exclamation marks alone :)

Amy said...

Isn't it great to get a little cash back for things? I go through spurts where I sell on ebay - none for a while and then I post a whole bunch. It's always exciting to watch people bid! :)

Will you enter me in your giveaway? Beautiful beads!!

duchess_declutter said...

Ali - what is wrong with your computer? I feel like I should be sending you braille messages! Would you like me to email you some photos? Always happy for your comments, but feel sad you can't see my photos.

Amy - I have a love/hate relationship with ebay! It is so time consuming, annoying at times when things don't sell - but that yesss!!! feeling when they do (and the cash comes in)!

Aussiemumbecc said...

Hi Just found your blog and became a follower straight away! Lovely Blog indeed x

duchess_declutter said...

Thanks Aussiemumbecc - likewise indeed - I just had a look at your blog. Maybe some of your cooking skills will rub off on me.

Angela said...

such an encouragement to see your decluttering.Imust do more!!
But I love those ear-rings - please count me in!
blessings x

duchess_declutter said...

Hi Angela - thanks for dropping by. I'm a bit of a procrastinator but I am getting a few things done!

Lisa said...

I came here via Life Less Cluttered and have been enjoying your posts. Please enter me in the giveaway, the items are lovely.

duchess_declutter said...

Hi Lisa - I've added your name to the list. Thanks for visiting - come back again won't you!