March 12, 2011

So Sweet

I was up and about early this morning so I thought I might throw in a little home produce post - and show off our latest sweet potatoes.

A before shot - just to prove I don't buy them from the supermarket! 

Library Girl wrote a great post during the week entitled Breaking Up with the Big Two (Woolworths and Coles)  - have a read.  I'm also trying to meet that challenge. .... and it is a challenge.  They are everywhere, and so convenient, they lure you in.  We have several alternatives near where I live, it is just the case of making the effort.

We don't eat much meat at all, and when I do buy it, it is usually from the local butcher who has a good selection of farm reared meat, including free range and organic chicken.   I would prefer to buy good quality sparingly than buy meat that isn't ethically raised. 

Fruit and veg I try and buy from the local farmers markets and of course we do produce some of our own here.  All the other bits and pieces I am going to try and source from a local IGA.  Another smaller IGA (further away) stocks milk from an independant regional dairy, so I will be sourcing milk from there.  We'll see how it goes.  Every bit makes a difference and it seems to me to be worth the effort.  I for one am tired of handing my hard earned money to the Big Two.   

These are our sweet potatoes prettied up a little.  Don't they look nice!

This looked so nice I had to take a photo of one of the end results as well. 
I found myself eating alone the other night, when The Others were elsewhere.  This was so easy to throw together!  I had already roasted some sweet potato the previous night.  So the other bits were - a small amount of goats milk feta cheese (yum), some leftover red salmon flaked, mixed lettuce leaves, sliced avocado, and before I ate it I squeezed a little lemon juice on the top.

Home grown produce from our place included  - sweet potato, avocado and the lemon.  The avocadoes have been lovely, we are on to the third one picked now.  So much nicer than the ones I had been buying that turn brown the minute they are opened. We will soon have tomatoes and lettuce producing.

The salmon was nice too.  I hadn't tried this before, but it was of the Tasmanian pre-packed smoked refrigerated variety, and this one was marinated with Sweet Chilli.  The previous night we had some of the roast sweet potato and the salmon in  a quiche.  Very nice actually.    I'm hoping my new store stocks the salmon!  

Enjoy the weekend.

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Cheers Wendy


dreamer said...

Looks delicious :)
I think we would eat a lot more salady type meals if we had warmer weather.I can go so long with cold food and then really need something cooked.
Nothing nicer though than eating your own produce :)

HAZEL said...

Yummy! I am having a vegetable stir fry tonight with all homegrown veggies. I live out in the sticks and where the big two don't dare to go. sometimes when we go into the big smoke I am lured in. I think I am going to stop that!

Lyndel said...

oh yum Wendy, that looked great, and I like the look of your new sweet potatoes, love the red check plate too.

Ali said...

Ooo I love the title "breaking up with the big two", fabulous. I too try to break up with them, but I do sometimes go back. Which is not unlike other relationships I have had in the past!

Now I can't see your sweet potatoes because my computer is a pain in the butt, but I can imagine that they are just beautiful. And I wanted to ask you how long it takes for them to grow. And do they die off in winter? I have a patch that's still going okay, it's in the wrong position though, I will change this for next time. When I go digging around though there's nothing there, maybe a fat root or two, but nothing at and lovely like (I'm sure) yours.

librarygirl said...

Hi Wendy, thanks for spreading the word about my post.
I have not weakened yet - it IS more difficult but I feel smug that I'm succeeding!

duchess_declutter said...

dreamer - that is true about the weather. In theory I should be thin and healthy. Must say though that I love winter and all the recipes that go with it. It is satisfying to eat something homegrown.

Hazel - you have a lot coming out of your garden at the moment. I'm still jealous of those carrots. We used to live out in the sticks, but now it's like suburbia with at least 4 major shopping centres withing 1/2 hr. Resist Resist!

Thanks Lyndel! I love that red plate too - it was one of my Mum's favourites when I was growing up. I think I can remember jam tarts being served on it, or maybe that's just my imagination!

Ali - I think if everyone just thought about it a little, and resisted where possible, that would help. I used to buy the homebrand milk because someone told me that it was the same milk but with another lable. Now I flee the other way! Have you noticed too, how many homebrand products there are now? All the little companies are being controlled.

There is a really good organic/free range chicken product I used to buy at Coles called Inglewood Farms. A Qld company - I rang them to see where else I could purchase it. They told me Mrs Flannerys and the Big 2. Except at Woolies it is sold under (their) Macro brand! So they re-label and take away from the individual producer. Not right! I think I might be making the longer trip to Mrs Flannerys!

LG - thanks so much for your comment. Every little bit helps - so if the word gets out to blogland ... it has to help. Your post was great.
That Devo song is great. Reminded me that I used to hum that song by The Bureau .... Only for Sheep ... getting on the train for the daily commute - luckily that is past tense. Similar analogy though.

purplefish said...

Wow, you are doing well Duchess: three cheers from the other side of the globe!
And I love your globe map that show where you are etc.
I also love the plate the sweet potatoes are on, as well as the sweet potatoes!

Oh, and yes, craft stuff does take over! I think getitng rid of half finished projects you have lost interest in is the hardest thing though.
I do find the more I declutter the more ruthless I am becoming. So it is a good plan to start with the easy stuff because your sucess will encourage you to go deeper, at a pace that suits you.

Daffodil said...

Oh, what beautiful sweet taters! They are one of my favourite vegetables, but I have yet to plant any in the garden. Gorgeous food pics, as well! You have now got me thinking about the sweet tatie sitting in the fridge awaiting her fate, which will probably be a curry.

sophie...^5 said...

The meal looks scrumptious...funny how we eat the same foods and we are 1/2 way around the world. The whole meat thingie is so annoying and so I try to avoid it. What I've found now is when I do eat meat my body can't handle it and danger zone!!! I love sweet potatoes now if we could only grow them here...Hearing rumours that food prices are going to start soaring this year along with gas. Anyhoo, loving you posts...Cheers Sophie's Dad Ron

cathy@home said...

i want to start out i find your posts interesting but also very entertaining, and second i would love the recipe for sweet potato and salmon quiche.

duchess_declutter said...

Purplefish - waving hi from the other side of the globe. The globe is great isn't it - I'm always checking it out - so interesting to see where everyone is from. I've only really scratched the surface on the decluttering. The real stuff will start soon. You are doing so well!!

Daffodil - hi! I find them really easy to cook with and throw some into to just about everything. Even grated into a salad. Easy peasy to grow too. I used to prefer the purple ones, maybe we might try growing them as well.

Sophies' Ron - it is funny to think that you are way across the other side of that globe! Maybe you could try growing s.potatoes in summer? How hot does it get where you are? I don't think you could grow them in a hot house even, because the vine does tend to creep a little. I do believe food prices will increase - ours certainly have this last 12 months. Time to get gardening! By the way, I love all your photos, serious camera/skills envy here.

Cathy@home - thanks so much for dropping by and being a follower as well. Welcome. The quiche recipe I may do in a post at another time, but it is very much a 'make up as you go along' just making a quiche as usual, and adding the sw.potato and flaked salmon instead of say ham and tomato in a quiche lorraine.

cathy@home said...

thanks for the reply

RuthieE said...

Decluttering can be habit forming!
Getting better at it all the time.
Childhood plates evoke a lot of emotion for me.
Thanks for helping me on keeping or pitching!
Ruth in Pittsburgh

duchess_declutter said...

Thanks RuthieE! nice to hear from you