March 2, 2011

Not a cupboard but at least a drawer

 So I had this grand plan.  However it was put aside over the weekend due to general busy-ness as usual + it was very hot!  Now it is Wednesday, and all I have to show for it is a drawer. 

Not just any drawer though, I have to add proudly.  It's my bedroom  j u n k  drawer - I'm sure everyone has one of these.  Things are thrown in there with apparent wild abandon. Lip balm, old diaries, receipts, warranties,  sheepskin insoles (what the?) and various other oddities.    I have no one else to blame except myself, so it's only fair that I show and tell.

This would be the 'before'

  and this would be the 'after'

and these would be the leftovers - throwouts on the left, re-house on the right.

Please excuse the following :  wild safari drawer lining in 2nd photo, particularly next to the Zoo bag.  This zebra contact paper has been sitting around for a while, I think I bought it for our son when he was about 8 to cover some school books.   So, obviously it is obsolete, and I thought a good way of using it up.  The terrible background of vinyl flooring has no excuse.  This is next in our reno plans, watch this space.

I really think I could go through the drawer again and trim it down more, but this will do for now. 

Who knows what exciting installment I will come up with tomorrow?  Between now and then I have the evil combination of a doctor and dental appointment.  I must have been in a sadistic mood to book both for one afternoon, but I somehow thought it would be a great idea to get everything tuned up at once.

till tomorrow then.
Cheers Wendy


Janelle aka Nelly said...

A junk drawer?? as in one wow I have junk drawers cupboards and shed See I really need you up here.

Fi said...

I have one of those drawers! There's stuff from a decade ago lurking in it...

Yes, MUST clean it out....

duchess_declutter said...

Lol Janelle - I haven't shown a photo of our 3 car garage which only fits one car!

Fit - I think everyone has one - it's a necessity really, just has to be cleaned out occasionally.