March 1, 2011

Objects of my affection - a Tuesday Theme - Week 5

Lately I've been thinking that since I started this blog I have been looking very judgementally  (and rightly so) around the house for things that I can declutter.  All a bit negative.

As a bit of light relief, I thought I might make Tuesday a day to appreciate the things that I do enjoy having around me.  Not because of $$ value, but just because they are special to me for whatever reason.

Please join in - I apologise in advance if this is a bit twee or it has all been done before.

This is something I picked up in a little antiquey shop on the NSW north coast on a driving holiday last year.  I love the look of it, plus the smell and the feel.

What is it?  An olive scoop, made I was told, from wood from an olive tree.  It certainly is different from any other wooden utensil I have.  Just wonder though, if olive timber is so lovely, why isn't it used much.  I'm guessing that maybe the olives are more lucrative a product, and that the tree just keeps getting better with age.  

I can't say that I have used this much - but I just love it, and won't be getting rid of it in a hurry, even though it doesn't scoop many olives.
Also (because I haven't done any decluttering to show) here is our first edible avocado!  We have waited a long time for this.  Seven years till fruiting, and then two seasons of fruit lost.  Not sure what happened. 

The first time, I think the birds got tothem before we knew there was fruit on there, and the 2nd time around the avocadoes dropped off before they were mature.  Now.... an edible one (and a few more still on the tree).   Great!  Hopefully many more to come.  


cheers Wendy 


purplefish said...

That is a gorgeous spoon.
And congratulations on the arrival of your avocado! I'm eating quite a few on these at the moment and can't imagine being able to grow your own.

duchess_declutter said...

thanks purplefish! We are always buying avo's and rarely get a good one - so it's nice to have a big tree, even though it took some time. I must say, you are doing better than me at the declutter shuffle at the moment.

Ali said...

Oh my goodness, I was caught up in admiring the lovely olive scoop and then you hit us with an avocado. How blooming exciting, I would be swooning with joy. Congratulations, make sure you let us know what it's like.

dreamer said...

No chance of growing avosados on our climate , wow!
Love the olive spoon, I love things made from wood :) I have one but mine is pottery.

duchess_declutter said...

Hi Ali - you too can do it. Just plan to stay at your current house for some time and plant an advanced tree!
Hi dreamer - I'm trying to get rid of most of my plastic kitchen gadgets. Got rid of a lot pre kitchen renos but will be doing more when I revisit the kitchen clutter.