March 4, 2011

No memory (card)

Can't upload any new photos sorry.  Memory card has decided not to play, not sure what's wrong, but I did take some photos yesterday of some uncluttering of more drawers.

Maybe the card has died of boredom, I'm not sure!  So I thought  I'd just show a few snaps taken around our place.  All reasonably recent,  in the last 6 months or so.  All in my usual basic way - no touchups here!

Mulberry tree/s - we have quite a few of these around the chook pen.  Probably too many, and I keep asking my husband to chop a few.  They are lovely, but creating too much shade and they drop too many leaves!  Nice when they are in fruit, and I do make mulberry pie occasionally.

One of our palms - with many happy lorikeets.  They love it when it's in flower.

Our  aptly named  Iron Bar which overlooks the dam.  A nifty little spot for partaking of a cool beverage, usually on a Friday evening or Saturday afternoon when yard chores are over.  Lovely when the dam is full - not so exciting when it's not.

This is the dam, looking pretty good.  We are on town water, but pump from here for use around the yard.

You may be able to glimpse the Iron Bar through the tree in the middle of the photo. 

Our dogs - little Dexter I've shown before, and this is his buddy Angel.  She is a real dag of a dog and has been in more trouble than I care to recall.   Angel ... hummmpfff.  Never has a dog been so wrongly named.   She is a real sook and pretend watchdog. 

Old Bundy is a real trooper and we have had him all his 17+ years.  He is struggling a bit now, but has been a fabulous family dog.  I didn't think he'd make it through this summer, but he's still going - not strongly, but still going.  Cattle dogs are tough.
And this is my little house buddy Dexter.  A loveable ratbag.  Good company though and I love him to bits.... and is he spoilt?   No ... why do you ask?


We are registered Land for Wildlife landowners, and although we have always had dogs, they are tied up/ (or in Dexters' case) in the house by early afternoon.  I can't understand people living on acreage who don't restrain their domestic animals at night.  Living on 5 acres as we do, in a road that has similar subdivisions, each with an average of 2 dogs each, equates to a pretty horrible nightmare for koalas, and other nocturnal animals. 

So that's just a little snippet of our place.   Back next week for more decluttering.   I feel the urge to purge. 

Cheers Wendy


Ali said...

Oh your place looks so lovely Wendy... and your wonderful dogs, who could go past them?

But my favourite photo is of the lorikeets - I don't think I've ever seen anything quite like it! They are having a right feast in there, aren't they?

sophie...^5 said...

I am so intrigued with your little world. Thanks for joining my took a little searching since your link wasn't included in your profile...but hey, no matter...we are connected now. Your dogs are lovely and I can see they give you great joy. My dog Sophie is always telling me what to do and guess what..I comply. Looking frwd to more of your world....Cheers! Sophie's Dad Ron

dreamer said...

You do live in a gorgeous place Wendy, love the birdie pics - very envious of your local wildlife :)

duchess_declutter said...

Thanks Ali - the dogs are pretty much top of the pile here. The lorikeets are always special to see.

Ron - thanks so much for hopping over. I'm sorry about the link (I'm a novice at this). I'll look into that aspect. Sophie is just a doll, and I'm so pleased that I happened upon her blog. Keep in touch!

dreamer - thanks so much. It's funny how much you take for granted isn't it? Nice to see things from the other side of the fence sometimes, makes me appreciate it a little more.

Fi said...

Love all your photos especially the dogs! They look like a happy crew :)

We have lorikeets here (they must have "blown" over) but I can never get close to them as your photo.

Gooseberry Jam said...

I love the Iron bar!!! No I'm not a big drinker I love anything made out of corrigated iron... and it looks like a nice relaxing place to chill out. Looks like you've got heaps of hidden treasures around your property and garden, Can never have too many Mulberries I say, we have just planted two trees around our chook coop, they are growing very quickly, can't wait to make Mulberry Pie!!!