February 11, 2011

Well that is something after all ......

 I had been thinking to myself that I didn't have much to be proud of in the decluttering today.  Well then ....... hello what's this then?  Maybe I don't realise sometimes that I am now constantly clearing and moving things out.

I knew I had this boot load of goodies to take uptown on Monday.  Our local neighbourhood centre is doing a fundraiser for residents affected by recent flooding.  When I read about it in local paper I realised this was what I had been looking for.  A real need in our local area and one that I (once again) feel happier about than donating money.  Money is in shorter supply these days and we have clutter aplenty!

This is gorgeous creature had been looking for a new home for quite a while.  My husband won it for our son at a local agriculture show at a knockemdown or similar.  I never really asked how much he spent in tickets, but this was the thing that D Jnr had his eyes on.  I think he was aged about 7 then and he is now (spoken in best gravelly voice) nearly 16 and taller than me.  At the time the big rage was Pokémon and this critter became known as Boxermon ?!? on account of the boxing gloves.  He has had a pretty good life sitting on top of a bookcase for all that time.  Now things are moving in the house and that bookcase has gone (and of course son terribly shamed by having it still in his room) and Boxermon was looking for a new home. 

Sadly I have already tried to donate him but he was rejected by the local Children's Hospital on health grounds.  Apparently they cannot take pre-owned items because of the risk of infectious diseases.  I guess I can understand this, but was sad that he couldn't at least make an appearance on top of a shelf or something. 

Anyway, this fundraiser was the answer - and now he is off to greener pastures.  To be (maybe) raffled off or maybe just part of Trash & Treasure - all to raise funds for flood victims.   The big flat thing is a skimboard - used approximately twice.  The rest of the items in the boot were more or less ready to go anyway and I may have already mentioned some of them.  Some will be going to the Salvos. 
Note the CD stack.  These had already been sorted from our collection when we donated the TV entertainment unit.  We now have a much more manageable stash of CDs which I really think could be pared down more again.  *Note to self - do not sort things and then just leave them sitting in a pile * .  Action was required, and luckily I don't feel too bad about letting go of these.  Farewell Bee Gees, Paul Young, Prince,  and all your friends.   Our relationship is over.  My heart will go on. 

So now I am feeling rather chuffed.  Thank you blog (and blog friends).  Just by putting this down I realise how much I am getting through. ........ and the scary part is I haven't really started trying yet!  None of this has been sourced from cupboards and deliberating on will I keep this one or that one.  All this is just from looking randomly about the place.  Scary indeed.  Dexter looks worried.

Just re-reading through this I have just realised an important fact.  If you don't have the place to put the things into (in this case TV entertainment unit and bookcase) then you really can't have clutter? Thought for the day.    Oh and by the way - I don't really have a thing about toys, stuffed or otherwise.

Cheers Wendy


dreamer said...

That's what I realised when we moved here. I could have bought more storage shelving to house everything but instead have decided to just have a clear out, more storage just means more stuff :)

Fi said...

Good on you! I'm looking forward to our declutter next month, we're having a garage sale to raise money for the Cancer Society. Out it all goes!

(PS I don't think I could have said goodbye to the Paul Young CD though...I had a HUGE crush on him when I was much much younger than I am now :))

duchess_declutter said...

dreamer - sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.... lol.

Fi - nice to hear from you! Good cause - hope it goes well. Paul Young (sob) has left the building.

purplefish said...

It's not til you scroll down to the second picture you ralise how HUGE boxermon is ! LOL.

I think it's a great idea to home in of the 'easy, don't have to think very hard' stuff first as you can see the difference when it goes and get totally onto the simplification with out it being tto arduous and therefore off putting.

duchess_declutter said...

That's right actually purplefish - I did forget to mention how big he is/was.... and I am actually starting to feel like things are starting to happen, even tho they are the easy things. Nice to see you over here. Cheers Wendy