February 15, 2011

Objects of my affection - a Tuesday Theme - Week 3

Lately I've been thinking that since I started this blog I have been looking very judgementally  (and rightly so) around the house for things that I can declutter.  All a bit negative.

As a bit of light relief, I thought I might make Tuesday a day to appreciate the things that I do enjoy having around me.  Not because of $$ value, but just because they are special to me for whatever reason.

Please join in - I apologise in advance if this is a bit twee or it has all been done before.

This is my lovely  Book of Days - Roses.  It's always open on the hall table.
One week to a page and a lovely rose each week with a little verse to go with it.  Cute little snippets such as:

As I plant this tree today
I see the children of a distant day
Play around an old rose tree
Gaining pleasure from one as me
Robert Frederick

or this one ...

The rose was awake all night for your sake,
Knowing your promise to me;
The lilies and roses were all awake,
They sighed for the dawn and thee.
Alfred, Lord Tennyson

which is much more romantic I think than the one for this week (which of course includes Valentine's Day) -

The Rose, wherein,
the Word Divine makes
itself flesh..

Whatever.  I just love it.  Have had this book for quite a few years and I had given it to my mum originally.  She enjoyed it greatly also.  Each year,  each week brings a new delight.  This is definitely an object of my affection.

So that is my object of affection today - what's yours?

cheers Wendy 

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