February 9, 2011

Bye Bye Santa - have a holiday

This is the last of the Christmas decorations to finally be put to bed until Christmas 2011.  Finally.  Poor old Santa and his reindeer had been sitting on top of a cupboard on the back verandah and starting to gather cobwebs. 

So I gave him a bit of a look at the outside world and then tucked him away with all the other Christmas decorations.  Unfortunately that means the Black Hole of the Garage - but that's another story) {a very scary story}. 

Just as an aside - this is a lovely hand made deco we bought at a market when on holidays a couple of years ago.  A lot of work has gone into it (not sure how much detail can be seen) but it is made from just basically scrap metal with little tea light holders at the top of the figures. Gorgeous and kitschy - we all love it.

That's about it for serious decluttering today (who am I kidding) although I have been busy putting more things online to sell.  Goodness it takes a lot of mucking about just to write an ad sometimes doesn't it?  Getting some background info on the item, working out postage price, waffling on a bit to make it sound interesting.  Hopefully it will be worth it.

Thought I might show off our very first sweet potato harvest.  For some strange reason we haven't really grown them before.  Don't know why - they are surprisingly easy to grow.  Neither or us actually looked up the best time to harvest them (not like other vine crops, this still is growing vibrantly).  However, D decided to dig a few out and presto!  they look great.  I guess this crop is the type you can just pick as you go - which is a bonus.   The hardest part was how to photograph them without making them look like rude objects d'art! 

Cheers Wendy


dreamer said...

I can't wait for summer when we can start harvesting stuff again from the garden, never tried sweet potatoes either- do they need lots of space?

duchess_declutter said...

Hi dreamer - I guess summer still seems a little way off for you? Not to worry, it will happen eventually! The sweet potatoes were a bit of a surprise crop. No they don't take up too much room - nothing like pumpkin, but I guess more like potato being a tuber. This patch is fairly well contained in an area (I"m guessing) of about 3m sq. We just mow over any escaping bits and it doesn't affect it. We had a couple of small sw.pot. in a fritata last night with some feta cheese and a bit of salmon. V.nice.

Ali said...

I was going to comment on the quirky little santa, but then I saw your sweet potatoes. They are marvelous! How wonderful and healthy do the plants look, oh my goodness, sometimes I just want to hang up my gardening tools and leave it to those who can grow stuff.

They are just beautiful, well done :)