February 18, 2011

The sweet sound of goodbye

These are two things I have just farewelled as part of the grand declutter scheme.  They were sold online and have now left the premises.

The violin.  Oh how sweet the sound.  not. 
As many parents before us, we fell into the trap of thinking perhaps our son would play.  In fact, at the age of about 6 said son mentioned in passing something along the lines of 'I want to play one of those' probably when watching the wiggles or similar.  This was enough for doting husband to dash off and buy (luckily a cheap 2nd hand) mini-sized violin.  

Doting parents we may have been (and still are of course) but anyone how knows us, knows that we don't even have a musical whisper between us.  I have to say too in fairness, that although we only have one child, he is/was/will never be unduly spoilt with material things.   Maybe this was the exception. 

After one lesson, much gnashing of teeth and tantrum flinging of bodies onto floor (and that was only us) it was announced that he would never play again.  Would never hold said instrument and try and bring forth a note.

So now, friends, some 10 years later, the violin ended up on ebay.  To travel off to another mini-virtuoso wannabe.

 The toy box was also a remnant of earlier years.  It had actually been hidden, covered over with assorted accessories in the room of a now groovy almost 16 year old.  

I loved that thing.  I bought it as the markets.  Not possessing even the slightest hint of sewing skills at all, paid someone to cover it with the bright and slightly wild looking material.   The material was chosen by son, again at about aged 6 or 7 I think.  At that stage he was very sweet quiet little boy. 

I have to admit to maybe being a little bit scared when he picked that particular material.

But it lasted the distance.  It lasted some 10 years.  After it was a toy box it became a blanket box and several evolutions after that.   Are we getting a theme here?  I hold onto things.  I hold onto things too long while trying to justify a need for them.

Anyway, two more items have left the building. Some $$ exchanged.   Hurrah.

Two other large items have left too.  These were of sentimental value, but regardless I've bitten the bullet and they have gone.  Hurrah times 2.

oh by the way, those who have read this far.  Apologies for the look of the blog at the moment.   I had a bit of a tweak and I don't really like it, but don't have time atm to change it back.  It's a work in progress.

Cheers Wendy


Janelle aka Nelly said...

You are sooooo good lol I am slowly removiing things and will be selling some but I am a sentamentalist and thats my excuse for keeping things lol

dreamer said...

Well done, you must have freed a bit of space up losing that lot :)
Love the little violin but I'm not musical either lol.

duchess_declutter said...

Janelle - I am queen of sentimentality I can assure you!

dreamer - little by little eh!

Gooseberry Jam said...

One lesson...Oh dear! My son too, did the 'Violin thing' He started when he was about 7 or 8yrs old with a 3/4 size, he attended lessons (not practice) for a year then when he started the next year he needed to move up a size as his arm length had grown, so we purchased a full size. Well he managed about 4 lessons on that before he realized that playng the Violin wasn't COOL anymore and he just gave up! That was 4years ago... So we have two of these instruments sitting up in the dusty old shed. LUCKILY I have an ever growing family (My downfall to this is that I can not de-clutter just yet) surely one of his 4 younger sisters may want to play soon....
I have enjoyed reading your blog Wendy, How nice it must be to have a good clean up! I am a collector of OLD JUNK but I would not call myself a hoarder by any means. My style is more 'Organised Clutter'

Daffodil said...

Another week and more decluttering done. Great job, Wendy. I am being less diligent about it. Two saddles gone has been the extent of my de-bountying.