February 17, 2011


I really didn't think we were getting much from the garden of late.  It is the sort of in-between month here.  Too hot to get too excited about planning anything later on in the year, but knowing that it really is that time.  However, these are the spoils from more earlier established plantings.  

Those strange green things are Monstera deliciosa for those who aren't familiar with them.  Very easy to grow, a bit wierd.  The only time to eat is when the outer segments are coming off, otherwise fruit is a little prickly on the tongue.  Nice in fruit salad.

The bananas look a little sad.  Ali how are yours going?  I have made a banana cake bread and decided it was only just passable for a show and tell photo.  Well it's half eaten so that says something doesn't it?  Nigella rest assured your job is not in jeopardy.

The pumpkin was picked too early - unfortunately the vine was weighing down a trellis, and will probably be inedible.  Oh well ... the chooks will like it if I chop it up a bit for them.  It is a Qld Blue variety of the incredibly tough skin.  One year we had a really big harvest of them, and I got so tired of trying to cut them that my husband starting using a circular saw to cut them in half!  Don't laugh - I know it sounds a bit rough & ready, but it works.  Once they were tidied up a bit nd over the shock they were fine.

Passionfruit - yep plenty of them.  The yellow ones that is, we can't grow the purple ones for love or money.  Don't know why, must be something lacking in the soil.  

Sweet chilli and hot chilli - always some around somewhere in the garden.  So easy to grow even I can do it.

Eggs - luckily plenty of them at the moment.  'The girls' are now producing at full steam after a lengthy break.

So on the plus side of the learning curve I have now learnt how to push a few more buttons. Note to self - this blog started about decluttering.  I must go and do some! 

Cheers Wendy 

Dexter on Thursday 17/2/2011


Ali said...

Not too good my bananas Wendy :( I'll post about the in a bit. I only tasted the monstera fruit for the first time late last year, it's unusual, isn't it? I liked it, but I think it gave me mouth ulcers. I have some growing though and will post about it if it ever does anything exciting.

Back to decluttering woman!

Ali said...

I forgot to mention how impressed I was with your hyperlinking :p


duchess_declutter said...

Thanks Ali - on all comments! I'm impressed too.
And yes - monstera is a bit weirdo - I'm probably not a huge fan, but it is nice mixed in with something else.

Anonymous said...

Hi Wendy, your blog looks beautiful! What a gorgeous background, and I love the wee bird and the envelope.

Looking at the produce you grow - especially those bunya nuts - I half believe that Australia is on a different planet from Scotland. It's fascinating seeing how different it is. I look forward to checking in to see more.

I have to warn you though, blogging about your life can *become* your life if you're not careful! ;) I should be decluttering but I'm far too busy! As one blog I saw said, 'A clean house is a sign of a broken computer.'

purplefish said...

Wow, you can grow your OWN bananas - how fab. Bananas have been my favourite fruit since I was tiny.

I like the new look of the blog wendy - I like the writing and the colour of the bird/background. Can you move the "background" word so it doesn't make the words "the ongoing" a little tricky to read?

If I knew what hyper linking was I would be suitably inpressed I'm sure,lol.

duchess_declutter said...

thanks dancingbeastie & purplefish for your comments. all taken on board!

Fi said...

I have never seen/heard of those Monstera before! What do they taste like?

librarygirl said...

Jealous of those bananas Wendy!

duchess_declutter said...

Hi Fi thanks for commenting! The fruit is a bit weird and a bit difficult to describe, but it is sometimes known as the fruit salad plant. The outside layer comes off in segments, and the fruit inside is segmented too. It tastes like some sort of cross between pineapple, banana, and mango if you can imagine that! Nice in moderation, and I find goes well in fruit salad. cheers Wendy

duchess_declutter said...

LG - I know you like bananas - wish I could send some down but I think they'd get a little squishy! Price in supermarket here atm is around $6 kg.

cathy@home said...

ok this i know of and i feel very superior but no one believes that Monstera deliciosa are a fruit they have tons of them here but they cut them off and throw them in the compost.But you have to be carfull of those black bits i usually make a millk shake with them.