February 22, 2011

Objects of my affection - a Tuesday Theme - Week 4

Lately I've been thinking that since I started this blog I have been looking very judgementally  (and rightly so) around the house for things that I can declutter.  All a bit negative.

As a bit of light relief, I thought I might make Tuesday a day to appreciate the things that I do enjoy having around me.  Not because of $$ value, but just because they are special to me for whatever reason. 
Please join in - I apologise in advance if this is a bit twee or it has all been done before.  

Another calendar-like post.  This is a bit different from last week though.  This is a daily ritual of turning over the blocks.  I've had this one for a while too - and I seem to have a very annoying habit of dropping the cubes as I'm changing them over.  This has resulted in rough edges on all of them!

However, my thought for the day is - if you don't have dreams what do you have to look forward to?

(I dream of an uncluttered house .. lol)

That's my object of affection this week .... what's yours?

Cheers Wendy 


Daffodil said...

I love visiting your blog on Tuesdays, Wendy. It negates my guilt about NOT decluttering on other days of the week.

duchess_declutter said...

oh Daff - you're too kind. I feel guilty all the time - Tuesday is my day off lol.

dreamer said...

Cute :) I would never remember to change the blocks each day :)