February 16, 2011

I've got a lovely bunch of ...

Bunya Nuts!  We have just found these - our first from our bunya pine trees which must be about 10 years old I think.

Down the back of our 5 acres, we planted a grove of Bunya and Norfolk Island pines - about 8 in total.  They are now pretty big and beautiful and have produced quite a few of these.  

Each one is fairly heavy and obviously break in impact after dropping about 5 metres at my guesstimate.  The large complete one in the middle weighs 1.47 kg!   I certainly wouldn't want one dropped on my head!  Spikey and heavy.

Now I'll have to look up some recipes.  I should be familiar with some as we have visited the Bunya Mountains quite a few times and the restaurant there features bunya nuts quite a bit.  From memory they are quite soft inside the kernel which has to be cooked first. 

Beyond our back fence.

No much decluttering going on, but I have sold a few things on ebay.  They were bigger bits of furniture - so the place is looking a little clearer - which is great.

I've had a bit of a playaround and changed the look of the blog a bit - what do you think??  I think I'm happy with it..... and I've even learnt how to link - wonders will never cease!

Cheers Wendy 


Ali said...

I love a play around with the blog, and yes, it looks fantastic. Although I was kind of partial to the sunset scene... I liked to think you had the view from your front porch!

I'm pretty impressed with the bunya nuts, my parents have a few bunya pines but to my knowledge they've never fruited. Or nutted for that matter.

Can't wait to see what you cook up with them!

Ann from Montana said...

Hi Wendy! This is great - I love the background you chose.

Bunya nuts are a new one on me as are Bunya Pines. I do know the Norfolk Island Pines, although I'm not sure they where they might grow here in the U.S. - lots of small potted indoor ones :)!

dreamer said...

blog looks great Wendy :)
Enjoying reading about your native plants, no bunyas here, all looks very exotic and strange to me :)

duchess_declutter said...

Ali - thanks v.much I think I surprised myself with changing things around. You'll probably see the sunset one again. I took a series of them on Bribie (not our front porch) one afternoon. Even with my bad photography it still looked good! The bunya pines obviously take a while to fruit/ nut, and don't hold your breath about the cooking. I'm still looking at them on the back verandah!

Ann - hi! Thanks so much for dropping over. Now you will see why I admire your great photography... my skills are pretty basic.. but I'm having fun.

dreamer - thanks. I don't know about exotic so much as hot and humid at the moment. Interpersed with a few showers... a bit different for you I guess. It's always nice to see what's happening on the other side.

librarygirl said...

Wendy I remember learning how to link and thinking I was a technological genius!
Those bunya nuts are amazing.

duchess_declutter said...

Thanks LG for bursting my bubble - I really thought you were a techno genious!

cathy@home said...

are those kangaroos in the background?