February 4, 2011

Happy to be able to

All these things have been sitting around for a while, just taking up space.  I was pleased that through a friend, I was able to contact a family who lost their entire house contents in Brisbane floods.  After asking them what they needed, as they already had received a lot of the essentials - this is what was requested and what I was able to give. 

Microwave - replaced after recent kitchen reno.  It works fine, and I would have been happy to have kept it the new kitchen but was outvoted by The Others.  Luckily maybe that I did, because it was available for donation.  Donated and gone.

The small colour TV belonged to my Mum and has been sitting in the garage while I ponder what to do with it.  Donated and gone.

Big bag of sheets and tablecloths.  I didn't think that I had many to spare - but when I went through them this is what I came up with!  Amazing.  I was pleased that I was able to donate these essentials to an appreciative family.  Donated and gone.
Also sorted through a box of books that has been sitting in a corner of my bedroom.  It has been so hot lately I confess that some days I put the aircon on and work at decluttering the bedroom.  That's got to be a good thing hasn't it? ..... a productive use of my time.   These books will go to the Salvos on the weekend. 

The books that escaped the cull I have shelved.  I've decided to go through them on a regular basis, and if I'm looking for inspirational recipes that day and don't find it - that book is walking.  

So - a fairly productive day.  Still a long long ways to go, but it's a good feeling knowing that I have had a reasonably productive week.

This is my little mate Dexter - loves just hanging around and is really more like a cat (just don't tell him that!)...... and it's all right, he's staying:)

Cheers Wendy


Daffodil said...

My decluttering efforts have not begun yet...I am full of good intentions with this concept, but have difficulty cutting the umbilical cord. I KNOW I need to do it, but I just can´t bring myself to begin it!

Maybe start small, clothing and the like.

duchess_declutter said...

You can do it! It is just a matter of starting. A bit difficult when a lot of other things going on - but I knew I had to start. This blog has been a great help - thanks for your support. Maybe we can encourage each other. It's just one pile at a time.

Ali said...

It was hard rubbish this week in my suburb, I got rid of a lot, but found even more!

I am recluttering :)

Wonderful that you could give away your things to those who have lost so much.

dreamer said...

It feels good letting go of your stuff when you know that someone else is going to appreciate it.With all the excess stuff people keep hold of I'm sure each family affected by the floods could be rigged out in no time if everyone helped out like you :)

Ali - Love your word - recluttering - lol. Done a little recluttering myself today as I have just received a package of quilting squares from a friend :)

duchess_declutter said...

Ali - I'm liking that word too - but trying hard not to do it! Luckily we don't have hard rubbish collection where we are - but the local dump has a pretty good recycle shop. I try and not let my husband go there - he is terrible and always comes back with more than he left with lol.

Dreamer - it did feel good actually.... and I have since heard back from the mutual friends who have said the family is just thrilled with the gifting.
I don't think that quilting squares would count would they? aren't you going to turn it into a marvellous quilt?

cheers Wendy

dreamer said...

Thats the idea but I am a complete beginner so this will be my first real attempt. I'm planning on making a window quilt for the bedroom.It is at the back of the house and wide open to gusting winds roaring down the open fields behind us.I'm hoping that it will help insulate the window in the winter evenings.
Funny reading you talk about air conditioners when we are trying to keep warm here, cold damp and 50-60mph winds the last few days :)

duchess_declutter said...

That sounds like a great plan Dreamer. I've always liked the idea of quilting, but I think I'll stick to admiring other peoples.