February 2, 2011

A few things on the move

Firstly can I say how I am tickled pink that I actually have followers.  Thanks so much for dropping by  - it gives me great encouragement and a more enthusiastic attitude to my de-cluttering!  I intend to work out how to link followers blogs soon.  I love to hear your comments and also achievements if you are a fellow de-clutter-er.

A few things on the move at the moment.  A whole stack of weight watchers program books and trackers.  These are from several different programs and over several different attempts.  I decided to put this lot online and try and recoup a few dollars for the many that I have outlaid over the years.  Now I know it is simple to lose weight - stop putting rubbish in your mouth and exercise more.  It works.

A lot of thought went into getting the sewing basket into the charity pile.  I took it out and looked at it, looked at the several half finished projects in there.  Thought once again (this seems to be a theme) of how much money I have spent/wasted.  Then the thought of actually picking up a needle and thread and doing some cross-stitch just didn't appeal to me.

Went away, did the grocery shopping still thinking about it - took a photo and put the whole lot out near the door ready to go.  A bit sad to see this go, but I just know I won't get into it again.  Too many other things to do now.  Plus I convinced myself that someone would get a real kick out of finding this basket and contents at an op shop!

Another stack of magazines, paper work etc.  I did sort through and saved a few things in case I am seen as being too frivolous.  The shopping lists and one of the mags.  I rarely buy magazines now and rely almost entirely on local library for books and mags.  Fabulous service.  I reserve new release items - sometimes even before they are out in the shops. 

However, I digress.  This lot is destined for the charity pile.  I tend to stack things into the car boot in bags and wait until the opportunity presents itself to go to Salvos.  I made the mistake once of taking it to a local charity shop then had a bit of a browse before I left.  Bad move.  The volunteers descended onto the goods I had taken that day - pulling them out and commenting on everything.  I totally cringed and hot-footed it out - vowing not to do that again.  Now I take it to Salvos a couple of suburbs away when I am headed over that way.  They have a separate drop off area so I feel ok about that.  

Last photo is of Schoolies'  rather flash footy boots from last season.  He bravely decided not to play this year  (even though they were undefeated and won Under 16  Premiership) *proud Mum moment*  due to a heavier school workload .  His rugby league club is having a collection to go to the young players affected by the Brisbane floods.  A lot of them would not be playing this year without donated football boots.  So what a great idea - I was glad that I had kept this pair to donate.  Except then I wondered why I had actually kept  them - he certainly wouldn't fit into them this season.  Another reason why I have to re-train my cluttered brain.  Anyway, in this case I was happy we still have them!

Onwards and upwards  - tomorrow I think I'll list a few more things online.

Sending thoughts and prayers to those in Far North Queensland - with severe tropical Cyclone Yasi expected to hit tonight 10pm.  

Cheers Wendy


Ali said...

I love your second quote about the useful or beautiful objects Wendy. Goodness me I do hope I've remembered and your name really is Wendy!

I try, and often fail, but do try to really look at objects that I am about to purchase and bring into my home, and ask myself if I really love it. If I'm not in love with it, and it's not useful, then I can't have it. Of course I do forget sometimes, but I am getting better.

You are obviously doing quite fabulously well, you should weigh the stuff you donate/throw and keep a running tally!

Oh, something else that someone said to me once was to work out how much your land was worth per square foot, and then decide if a pile of junk on your square foot of space valued at $2000 (for a plucked out of the air example) is a good use of such valuable space.

Something like that anyway, I'm very tired tonight :)

dreamer said...

Going great guns there Wendy. If that basket turned up at one of my charity shops I would have grabbed it straight away, so I'm sure the right person will love it and maybe even finish off some of your UFO's. (unfinished objects lol)

duchess_declutter said...

Gee thanks Ali and Dreamer. I knew when I saw your blogs I would get along with you both!
Ali - for me the purchasing days don't happen so much any more. I'm probably (more than) a little older than you and it is more the getting rid of things that have already accumulated. If you are asking yourself the 'do I really need it' question now, that surely is going to be a real plus for you later on. I'm liking the idea of working out how much your land is worth concept as well - but we are on 5 acres - how does that work!?! lol

Dreamer - thanks so much - I can only try and keep up with you! Have hardly made a dent in things here really .... so so much more to sort through. Feeling good about it though - starting this blog helped, so I really do appreciate your inspiration! So glad that I happened upon your blog. BTW - back in the day I would have jumped at that basket too! I really had to put Tom Jones music on in my head for that one.