February 5, 2011


Frame shame

I started to sort through some frames I had put aside in the house. Then I remembered I had a whole stack of them shoved away in a box in the garage (the black hole).
So with my new resolve in hand I decided to tackle the lot there and then.  This is the result.  Not bad eh!?  

In case it looks totally frivalous - I sorted through the ones that still had photos in them and I will scan them .. soon.  The rest are all a bit dodgy and / or dated.  Ones that I know we won't use again. That's why they had been put away in the first place.  Waiting for what ... I don't know.

So that's another lot biting the dust.  Yay me.  It's all starting to happen.

I also have some fairly large items listed on ebay - which I won't go into here - but it will be another lot off my mind if/when they sell.
Have a happy weekend all.  I can't tell you how pleased I am to have started this blog.  It has got me so motivated!  and I've *met* some really nice people! 

Cheers Wendy


dreamer said...

More great work :) I agree, having the blog to update is definately keeping me focused on decluttering at least one item a day.Love the fountain and your little decluttering companion :)

Janelle aka Nelly said...

I must decutter here too and have made a start but is SOOOOOOO hotttt!!Well thats my excuse lol

librarygirl said...

Isn't it amazing - once you get on a roll, it feels so good. I literally feel lighter with every bag that leaves the house.

duchess_declutter said...

dreamer - my efforts pale in comparison to yours! I'm only trying to keep up with you lol.

Nelly - the heat is a pretty good excuse I think.... but after February you're in trouble! I know I'm always happier once the calendar clicks over to March.

LG - you were one of my major inspirations when I watched how quickly those garbage bags made an exit! So now I'm trying to keep up with you too.