September 15, 2015

Is this the way to Tamarillo?

It's a while since I have written about Tamarillos.  Well let's be honest here, it's a while since I've written about anything really.
However when I made up these yummy poached Tamarillos the other day it reminded me of some earlier posts I had written - like here, also here too..... and noticing that I am still a very irregular blogger!
The Tamarillo is an easy fruit to grow.  The tree looks remarkably uninteresting. However it produces fairly consistently.  The fruit is tart tasting.  A little like a cross between an acidic passionfruit and a tomato (if that makes sense!).
We have found the best way to eat them is lightly poached.  They are fine raw - however like passionfruit there is only really one scoopful of seed and pulp.  Once skinned (dunked into boiling water for a few minutes, the cold water the skin will peel off nicely like a tomato).  Photo below shows pre-peeling.
Then I just add some sugar, vanilla and a spoon of honey.  This all sounds very sweet, but I taste as I go and it is not necessary to add too much of each.  The end result is lovely!  Particularly nice over fruit salad.
or plain Greek yoghurt.

Has anyone tried Tamarillos? You can read more about facts about growing them here.

That's all for now.
cheers Wendy 


Christina said...

I have never seen or eaten a tamarillo. It probably won't grow in our climate.... Looks delicious.

wendy duchess_declutter said...

Hi Christina - no I think the tamarillo would find it a wee bit cold where you are! It's more inclined toward a sub-tropical climate.

Sue said...

And the award for Best Irregular Blogger goes to.......drum roll......!! Welcome back Wendy!! Can't say I know alot about the Tamarillo but it's nice to have you back/

wendy duchess_declutter said...

Ha! thanks Sue, I knew I could count on you. Taking all credit due to me. cheers Wendy